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When it comes to home design – you get what you pay for!

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“Is an architect worth the money?”

This is a question we have heard asked very often – and are very happy to answer!

Our quick answer is when it comes to home design – you get what you pay for!

Of course, you want (and deserve) more information than that, which we’re always ready to provide.

Broadly speaking, an architect’s fees are only a small portion of the total cost of a renovation or new build, but the value of that small portion is inestimable! Especially when it comes to a home that is perfect for you, maximises your lifestyle, and brings enhanced capital growth.

We’ve talked before about the many hidden values an architect brings to any home design project.

Let’s now explore that question – because when it comes to home design, you definitely get what you pay for.

Camp Hill Home Renovation & Addition: We blended the renovations to this Camp Hill property seamlessly with the existing home. Our aim as renovation architects brisbane was to improve the overall liveability of the property by designing an outdoor extension.

The Value of Using an Architect for Your Home Design

Architects study for many years to gain expertise in the meeting point between art and science.

They consider functionality, technology, beauty, the environment, local climate, your lifestyle, and more. All these pieces of a puzzle unique to you and your building site are combined to then align with an architect’s years of expertise and practical knowledge.

The value that all of this brings can be hard to define in monetary terms. It’s really only when it comes time to sell your home, that an understanding of the financial value of an architect’s role can perhaps be known.

The value an architect brings to your own happiness, peace of mind, and enjoyment of living in a bespoke designed home is truly priceless. When it comes to home renovation or new build design, you really do get what you pay for.

Beware the ‘cheaper’ alternatives

This is of course a favourite dinner party topic of ours.

We very much believe that for the perfect home to come together, everyone needs to be playing to their strengths. In short, architects design, drafts people draw up plans designed by others, and builders build.

Price differences at the time of design (or lack of design) can come from many things. Primarily, it boils down to years of expertise and practical knowledge, time spent with you the client, and knowing how to take advantage of your particular site.

North Lakes Pool & Entertainment Area Design: The home designs vision was to create a cutting-edge contemporary outdoor space. That was relaxed yet luxurious and opened the home up to give the clients the sub-tropical retreat they desired. 

An architect’s expertise in home design

It goes far beyond the starting comparisons of years of education and experience and the intuitive and nuanced knowledge architects develop through those years. The stark reality is that “saving money” now can end up costing you far more in the long term.

As one of Brisbane’s leading architects, our designs facilitate maximum comfort and site advantage at minimum ongoing maintenance costs. A well-designed sustainable home can save you thousands of dollars as the years pass, as we design to take ongoing running costs into consideration.

Beyond operating costs is resale value. Improvements in resale value may not be realised for many years, but the day will come when your beloved home is up for sale. A renovation or home design done cheaply will end up costing you far more when it is sold, in lost profit.

A well-designed home that makes the most of the block and indoor-outdoor use of space, however, will absolutely increase in value.

Time spent with you, the client

At dion seminara architecture, our design process starts with the first in our Six Step Design Process. Across a two to three hour in-person consultation, we investigate your specific project needs, your current and future lifestyle choices, and the viability and opportunities of your site.

We spend time on research and work through different design solutions, so that your project will flow smoothly from start to finish. Importantly, we create a home tailored specifically to you, your wants and needs.

Carina Heights New Luxury Home: This Carina Heights new luxury home design includes several sustainable features. These include an integrated control system to open and shut windows and monitor power resources. The home includes a lift to move you effortlessly through each level. This Carina Heights new luxury home design also won the ArCHdes 2016 Residential Architecture Award.

Your existing home design or block of land

Architects create home design solutions that must consider your existing home or block of land, and all the challenges and advantages your site has.

A major point of price comparison – that really doesn’t stand up – is when people look at project homes for design ideas. Project homes are usually built on rectangular blocks of flat land. The home design is cookie cutter, one size fits all, with no consideration given to you specifically. A few tweaks may be made – but even these tweaks are generic, and not designed with you in mind.

An architect will visit your home or block of land. The site may be steep, down an easement, currently lack natural light (therefore missing the afternoon Brisbane breeze). These are the types of challenges that architects will specifically consider when creating a home design tailored to you. They will look at orientation and aspect, how to maximise natural light, and ways they can harness the breeze as it sweeps through.

The cost of your own enjoyment of living in a home designed for you, is priceless.

Red Hill Renovation: The project’s philosophy is to maximise the beautiful colonial features at the front of the existing home. Seamlessly integrating them with a new contemporary, spacious extension to open the home and bring in the view. Our clients emphasised the desire for spaces where the family could be together. So the centrally located dining area is designed to be used as a place where the family can reconnect.

An Architect-Designed Home Should Cost More

An architect-designed home offers a comfortable lifestyle and excellent resale value. Designed with you and your site in mind, any additional up-front design cost will be recouped many times over as the years go by.

Through those years, you live your life to maximum enjoyment, in a space that suits you and your land. Interior spaces flow and the link to the outdoors is intentional and truly makes the most of living your particular pocket of Brisbane.

When it comes to home design, you truly get what you pay for. Get in touch today and make a time to start the design process with dion seminara architecture.

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