Do you want a home design good enough for television?

Do you want a home design good enough for television?

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queensland architectHome improvement and lifestyle shows have certainly become popular over the past decade with a plethora of shows dedicated to showing off beautiful homes, renovations and gardens. And one of the very best is Australia’s Best Houses.

Now if you’ve watched Australia’s Best Houses then chances are you’ve seen me on there as a number of our projects have appeared on the show. There is a link to the segments below in case you missed them.

Not everybody wants their home to appear on television of course, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that your home was appealing enough that television programs like Australia’s Best Houses would want to feature it?

Why dion seminara architecture has been featured on Australia’s Best Houses

As much as I would like to be compared to celebrities such as Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth the fact is I haven’t appeared on television and in the media due to my rugged good looks or chiselled abs. Instead, I am sought out for my design talent.

The producers of the show wanted to feature my designs because they found them beautiful visually, but more importantly because they met my client’s needs.

There are plenty of stunning looking homes in Australia but sadly many of these have been designed to be just that – stunning looking with little thought or effort put into understanding what the homeowner really needs.

Too often homes are designed to win awards rather than being designed to suit the owner’s lifestyles. The producers of Australia’s Best Houses have praised my designs because they addressed my client’s needs and exceeded their expectations.

How our home designs achieve the owner’s goals

The key to my success, and the reason I have been asked to appear on shows like Australia’s Best Houses, is due to the fact that I focus so closely on what my client’s want.

I have a system in place that enables me to get to know my client’s needs and lifestyle goals in great detail. I spend more time getting to know all of my client’s needs than any other architect or building designer I’ve ever met.

Now I don’t want you thinking that the appearance of the home is neglected in any way. My designs wouldn’t be appearing on television if they weren’t visually desirable. But I create beautiful designs around my client’s needs, unlike some architects who care little for how their clients will live in the homes after they are built.

And it’s not just about lifestyle. The environment and costs of running the home are also part of my design and planning process. There’s no point designing a stunning renovation or new home design if it’s enormously expensive to run due to excessive power or water consumption. My designs use the environment to their advantage creating wonderfully comfortable homes with low running costs.

So back to my earlier question – Do you want a home design fit for television?

Whilst I can’t guarantee that every new home or renovation design will be featured on television I can guarantee you that your home design will receive the same attention to detail as those homes that have appeared. Your home design will look stunning, be environmentally responsible and will be designed to suit your lifestyle needs. And who knows, you and your home could one day be appearing on television like so many of my other projects have.

So if you want a home design that’s fit for television contact us today and let us create the ideal design for your lifestyle needs. And in case you’re interested here are a couple of our homes that have appeared in the media, just click on the title to view them.

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