24 Apr 2018

Value only an architect can add

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It costs more to work with an architect than it does to work with a draftsperson. In fact, it can cost more to work with our firm than it would to work with some other architects.

We’re not the cheapest; we prefer to focus on being the best and putting our energies into ensuring that our clients receive the very best product within their budgetary constraints. But for those of you who like to look straight at the bottom line when assessing quotes, are you really comparing apples with apples? Have you factored in the added value of working with dion seminara architecture when comparing quotes?

At dion seminara architecture we add value in many ways. By added value, I mean that our quote includes many benefits that other lower quotes don’t and can’t. But don’t just take my word for it; instead, let’s have a look at just some of the many ways that we add value to our clients’ projects.

Great exterior and interior designs with Architect added value

Now sure, other designers are not going to admit that they make average – poor designs, but very few people make truly great home designs no matter whether you’re building new or renovating. We are one of those few. When designing your home we focus very much on your lifestyle. Your home needs to suit the way you live, you shouldn’t need to compromise on your lifestyle because of a poorly designed home.

But it’s not only the unique lifestyle focus that makes our home exterior and interior design so stunning. We carefully consider the relationships of the rooms within your home to maximise the functionality of each space. We also create innovation links between the interior and exterior of your home so everything blends together and flows seamlessly.

red hill home renovation living architect added value

Our careful consideration of form and balance ensures that your home will always be highly appealing regardless of changes in design trends. We also visually demonstrate the look and feel of your dream home to you before any work begins.

Another way that we add value over other companies is through what we call ‘staging’. Staging is where we plan for your dream home to be built in stages if your budget doesn’t allow you to have everything you want straight away. By creating designs that have the flexibility for future changes you don’t need to compromise on your long-term goals.

Taking advantage of what you’ve got

Our designs take advantage of your block, your home and its opportunities. Each block is unique and offers advantages and disadvantages over other home blocks. By carefully considering the best way to take advantage of the good points whilst dealing with the negatives, we can get the maximum potential out of your home.

Unlike some other architects and draftspeople, we do not rehash previous designs. We don’t do this because every project is different. Our designs take into careful consideration things like our climate so that we can maximise things like natural light and airflow, thus minimising the need to have lights on or air-conditioning or heating. This is just another way that we add value over and above our competitors.

Getting the most out of your investment

Real estate prices clearly demonstrate that architecturally designed properties – compared to say those prepared by draftspeople – are more highly valued by those looking to buy a home. So there can be a real benefit in having dion seminara architecture design your home.

But we also save you money during the building process. All of our designs are based on your budget parameters. We don’t try to get you to spend more than you’ve got. We also provide you with realistic opinions of costs that are verified by obtaining independent cost estimates. More importantly, we make sure that our cost estimates make sense to you and that you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Getting multiple quotes from suitably skilled and reputable builders is vital in not only saving money but in ensuring that you end up with a high-quality construction. Because we put a lot of detail into your plans, we can get accurate building quotes from multiple builders which results in you getting the very best value for money.

Apples with apples

So when comparing quotes, make sure that you are comparing them based not solely on price, but on the additional value that each quote offers. Like I said at the start, we are not the cheapest, we are one of the best. And if you want the very best outcome for your project I can confidently say that you will not find another company that comes even close to the value that we offer.

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This article was originally published on the 23rd April 2013.

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