Top 7 ways to personalise your home design

Top 7 ways to personalise your home design

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So many mass-produced homes look exactly like every other home that is made by that building company. This is what enables volume builders to keep prices down, by catering for people who are happy to live with a lot of compromise when it comes to the design of their homes. But given the size of the investment you’re going to make, the last thing you should be doing is accepting mediocrity. Instead your home design should be personalised to your tastes and needs, whilst still enhancing the overall resale value of your property. So here are 7 ways that you can personalise your home design to suit who you are.

Internal Living Spaces

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Specifically, the living areas within the home where you reside and/or entertain. These spaces should be designed around your lifestyle, whilst blending in with the rest of the home. Connections to other spaces is an important consideration when you personalise your home design. Access to the kitchen and/or external entertainment spaces are examples of what may need to be considered.

Given that these are areas of relaxation, thought needs to go into what is important to you. If you like to watch a lot of television, then the size and placement of your television and furniture needs to be taken into account. If, however, you prefer to read or listen to music and only occasionally have the television on, the space needs to be designed in such a way that it caters for these needs.

External Living Spaces

Whether you like to entertain large gatherings outside, or your outdoor needs are more intimate, the way that they are designed needs to reflect the way that you intend to use the space.

Indoor/outdoor rooms are becoming hugely popular as a result Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate. The ability to connect your external and internal spaces seamlessly, whilst still being able to separate them, has massive advantages; but every part of the design of these spaces needs to consider your tastes and lifestyle.

Too often these areas appear to have been designed in isolation, not tying in with the overall feel and flow of the internal spaces within the home. This is where a skilled and experienced architect can really make a difference when they personalise your home design. Creating external spaces that reflect who you are and perfectly suit your needs whilst still complimenting the entire property.


kitchen design options brisbaneOften said to be the most important room in the home, the design of your kitchen can speak volumes about who you are. If you’re someone that likes to cook and prepare meals, then the design needs to accommodate the type of cooking you intend to undertake. How you cook is also important. Do you tend to make a huge mess using every pot and pan you can find to make one meal? Then perhaps a butler’s pantry might work best for you, giving you a food prep area that can be closed off out of sight.

How do you like to cook? Do you like to do it in private or do you like to remain connected to the heartbeat of the home while you prepare meals? These things are all important in creating a kitchen space that is customised to your needs.

Fittings, appliances, benchtops, colour combinations all these things can personalise your kitchen, giving it a uniqueness and wow factor within a functional design.


personalise your home design with lightingWhen it comes to setting the mood, lighting is king. Spaces can be framed and defined by the choice and placement of lighting. Perhaps you like intimate spaces that can be dimly lit, allowing you to relax away from harsh glares. Or alternatively you might like bright, lively spaces that make the home seem alive and ready to party. Lighting can give your home an identity all of its own.

The types of lights and the light fittings themselves needs to be factored in when you personalise your home design. Do you want to be subtle or do you want to make a statement? Do you want practical, functional lights in some spaces and feature lighting in others? Both things are possible with the right architect designing your home for you.


architects hawthorneColours are another great way to personalise your home design. Brisbane has previously been very conservative when it comes to the external colours of a home, particularly when it came to Queenslanders and weatherboard cottages, but over the past couple of decades the city has begun to embrace unique colour combinations that represent the individual owners tastes and flair.

Internally the colours of your home need to be planned so that they work together, however within that framework there is plenty of scope for you to show your individuality. Whether it’s entire rooms, or simply the furnishings and fixtures within specific spaces, the colours you choose and the way you combine them says much about you as an individual and can help lift your home above others in your street, suburb or city.

Ensuite Bathroom

A personal place, a space to unwind after a long day, or to get ready for the day ahead. A well designed ensuite can make moments feel like a holiday, giving you an escape from the noise and pressures of day to day life.

There can never be too much planning go into this space. This is your private area where the design is based around what you want and how you want to feel. A beautiful dance between visual desires and practical needs, this is truly a space to define you.

Your Happy Place

Some people like a shed to retreat to, or an office where they can escape from the rest of the home. For others it can be a reading nook or a daybed in the sun. But no matter what it is, every home should have a special place where the occupants can get away by themselves.

This is the space where you 100% think about yourself and your needs. We then create the design within the framework of your home or yard so that it suits your intended use whilst still complimenting the surrounding spaces.

Your home should reflect who you are. It should be personalised in such a way that it’s appealing to all but tailored to you. At dion seminara architecture, we personalise your home design to suit your needs. Because at the end of the day, it’s your home, it’s where you live, and we believe you should always get what you want.

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Hi, I am Dion Seminara, practicing architect and licensed general builder for 20 years as well as an environmental sustainable design (ESD) expert. I graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with honours, QLD in 1989. Registered as an architect in 1991 and registered as a builder in 1992, I am also a fellow member of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA). Having received 12 ArCHdes Residential Architecture Awards, LJ Hooker Flood Free Home Design Award and the 2016 AIA Regional Commendation for Public Architecture, my expertise with both residential renovation (to all types of houses, especially Queenslanders, 50s/60s/80s), new contemporary homes and luxury residences has earned me a reputation as one of Brisbane's architectural specialists in lifestyle design architecture, interior design and landscape design.