22 Jun 2011

There is no recipe for great home designs

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great home designs

There is no recipe for great home designs

Have you ever gone out for dinner and ordered a dish that you occasionally make at home yourself, only to notice how much better it tastes when it’s prepared by an experienced chef?

You may have wondered why, when they are essentially using the same ingredients as you.

Well, the reason is simple – it’s because the chef is so skilled and experienced, they no longer need the recipe. They simply take the ingredients and create something truly magnificent.

Great home design is a lot like great cooking. Sure the ingredients may look the same – walls, roof, doors, windows etc. – but it’s the skill in blending them all together that is the difference between good and great design.

So how do I consistently create great designs you may ask? Well firstly, I understand the basic recipe. In other words, I know the basics of great design inside and out. And from that base my experience and design ability allow me to go beyond the ‘recipe’.

For me, great design starts with truly understanding what my client wants.

I don’t mean the part where they say ‘We thought we could put the laundry here’; I mean finding out what their true lifestyle goals are.

You see, whilst it is very useful for clients to have an idea of what they want, seldom do they know the best way to achieve those goals. In fact, I recently had a client pay me the ultimate compliment when upon seeing the draft design she said: ‘It’s nothing like what I asked for, but more than I could have hoped for’. By getting my clients to tell me the lifestyle outcome they wanted to achieve, I was able to create the perfect design for their particular needs.

I effectively strip what my clients tell me back to the bare essence of ‘What is your preferred lifestyle?’ Once I understand exactly what my client’s desire, I then bring everything together in a way that meets their liveability goals.

My designs add real value to my client’s homes maximising their overall investment by utilising our beautiful climate to full effect; designs that are well proportioned, timeless creations that will serve my clients needs now and well into the future.

But whilst great sketch designs are a useful start, they are really only the beginning of a great design.

The true benefit of our design services is only fully realised through our additional services such as detailed design and contract and/or construction documentation services.

Essentially, this is the part where we ensure that the ‘ingredients’ of a great design are mixed correctly; in the same way that a talented chef brings together the ingredients in such a way that they taste magnificent. It is these additional services that result in the perfect design for your home.

Let me be honest here, taking our initial sketch designs and giving them to a builder/draftsperson will result in the final design being ruined, in the same way, that taking a chefs recipe and giving it to a less talented cook will result in an unpalatable dish. The very best results come from letting the very best people look after your entire design.

If you are investing money in renovating or having a new home designed don’t waste the end result falling into the trap of believing that your builder or tradesperson can do it cheaper. Let me bring all the ingredients together and create the ultimate lifestyle design for your home.

Contact me today at dion seminara architecture and arrange for one of our unique Lifestyle Assessments. As one client recently commented – it’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

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