The time to invest In your property is NOW

The time to invest In your property is NOW

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Take a moment to gaze into the crystal ball with me to see where the property market in Southeast Queensland is headed.

Currently, there is a chronic undersupply of new housing in the Southeast corner. The rental market is more competitive than ever. Yet more and more people are moving to Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. High migration coupled with the government’s attempts to restrict urban sprawl, will only lead to the housing crisis getting worse.

So where is this all heading? Higher property prices.

In fact, it’s predicted that over the next decade, prices in Southeast Queensland will skyrocket, resulting in big returns for property owners, particularly those who have invested in their homes.

Sure it would be easy to look at the figures and suggest that this will impact more on low-income earners and rental properties, but the fact of the matter is, all property prices will rise and the very best houses could command very lofty prices indeed.

Interest rates are still quite low, making this a very attractive time to borrow for home improvements. Best of all, it will be money well invested; an investment that could dramatically increase in value over the medium to long-term.

But there is a catch.

As the property market grows, the homes that will attract the highest returns will almost certainly be those that have been well designed and well built. Simply adding an extra room or two to your home with no thought of connectivity or liveability is unlikely to give you anywhere near the returns that a beautifully designed renovation could bring.

Homes that are designed with low-cost sustainability in mind will no doubt be the most sought after. Electricity prices, gas prices and water rates will all continue to rise, particularly as a growing population places more pressure on these resources. A home that is inexpensive to run will be high on everyone’s shopping list.

Advancements in home entertainment coupled with a higher cost of living is likely to result in people spending more time at home and less time on external entertainment. A home that caters for people’s lifestyles, with a strong connection between the outside and interior of the home will almost certainly be highly desirable.

So obviously now seems to be a great time to invest in your property; whether that be a renovation, or selling and building a new home from scratch. But it’s not a time for letting a draftsperson or the equivalent design your home. It’s a time to invest in having dion seminara architecture design a home that will capitalise on the impending property boom.

This is an opportunity that’s too good to miss. Call us today and let us help you take full advantage of your homes future potential.

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