The number one stressful home renovation mistake

The number one stressful home renovation mistake

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quality documentationPeople often say to me that building or renovating is stressful, citing their own horrible experiences where the building phase was just one disaster after another. And when I dig a bit deeper it almost always comes down to one thing …

… a lack of quality documentation.

When you think about it it’s understandable that poor quality documentation causes problems. Because now instead of saying to your builder ‘Here, build this, it’s all laid out for you to follow’ you’re now saying ‘Hey here are some plans, now you work out what materials you think we should use and the order in which things should be done’.

Is it any wonder that mistakes are made? That the quality of materials used and the quality of workmanship is often below par?

You’re leaving too much to the builder, the guy who is trying to do the quickest job at the highest margin when what you really need to be doing is giving them documentation that spells out everything clearly so there’s no confusion. And in the event of something not being up to scratch you can refer back to the documentation to prove that corners have been cut so you can get things fixed.

So if you want to avoid your project becoming a nightmare you need to have the kind of quality documentation that dion seminara architecture can provide. Here are some of the advantages our detailed documentation process offers you:

Get proper quotes before you start

Unless you specify everything in detail how can you expect to get accurate competitive quotes? With dion seminara architecture detailed documentation is actually part 5 of our 6 step process. So you know that every builder who is quoting on your project is quoting on exactly the same quality in terms of construction, materials and finishes. Without our level of documentation, your cheapest quote could be cheap because of the lower quality of materials the builder intends to use.

The scope of your entire project is clearly outlined

A major cause of stress when building is not having a clearly defined workflow. I’ve heard plenty of stories where builders have asked the owners things like where the tiles are the day before they are meant to be laid! This doesn’t happen with our level of documentation because all of this is clearly laid out and planned for in advance ensuring that the workflow is smooth, resulting in less downtime and less stress for you the owner. Engaging with our interior design services further adds to your peace of mind that everything is laid out in detail.

Things aren’t left to interpretation

Hand the same basic plans to five different builders and chances are you will get five different opinions on how the project should be done and what materials should be used. Remember the builder is quite rightly trying to maximise their profits. Their decisions will be based on what’s easiest and most profitable for them, not what’s best for you. By using detailed documentation put together by dion seminara architecture you know that everything is clearly spelt out and not left open to interpretation.

So as you can see detailed documentation is vital to a successful, stress-free project. But not every architect, designer or draftsperson provides sufficient detail in their designs. Most building designers and draftspeople only provide drawings for approvals they don’t do detailed documentation. And even if they say they do that doesn’t actually mean that their documentation is detailed enough. What they class as detailed doesn’t come close to the level of detail that we provide.

Of course, plenty of architects are looking to maximise their profits by completing projects quickly and therefore don’t provide anywhere near the detail that dion seminara architecture provides. Interior designers who are not architects only do concept work, leaving so many things unresolved that problems during the building phase are almost guaranteed.

Don’t take the risk by cutting corners on your documentation. At dion seminara architecture we can take the risk and the stress out of your project. Contact us today and let us help ensure that your job is done right.