The key Brisbane home design trends of 2018

The key Brisbane home design trends of 2018

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Queensland’s population has just hit the 5,000,000 mark, with more than half of those people living in the Brisbane/South-East Queensland region.

And with this growth comes changing tastes and lifestyles, which then influences the way we live and the homes we live in.

If you live in Brisbane, then chances are you live an outdoor lifestyle. If not, then the chances are that the design of your outdoor areas is not all that it could be.

A real trend in Brisbane home designs in recent years can be found in the design of our outdoor entertaining spaces.

Whereas in the past families contented themselves with a large deck or an open verandah, over the years people have begun to move towards a greater level of privacy. You could almost say that our taste in outdoor spaces within our homes has matured.

Instead of having open spaces where neighbours can see in and the weather can at times make our patios and verandahs unusable, modern home design has embraced enclosed spaces that can be opened up or closed off as required.

Indoor/outdoor or screened verandahs, decks and terraces offer great flexibility in terms of how they are used. Features like ceiling fans or heaters can help ensure the optimum comfort regardless of the conditions. Built-in BBQs or outdoor kitchens make modern Brisbane undercover areas an entertainers dream.

Queenslanders have always loved entertaining in outdoor spaces, but the modern outdoor space can offer levels of sophistication that rival any indoor spaces within a home. So much so, that these spaces are commonly now becoming the main feature of any Brisbane home or renovation. The importance of a quality indoor/outdoor space in Brisbane cannot be overstated. Good luck selling your property for top dollar if your outdoor spaces are basic and open to the elements, or you don’t have one.

Of course, there’s so much more to it than simply putting some walls around your deck. As the Brisbane market has matured there is now an expectation that a property’s outdoor spaces have been designed to suit the lifestyle of the occupants whilst blending in with, and enhancing, the look of the home.

Connections between spaces within the home and these indoor/outdoor areas are hugely important. Some stunning outdoor spaces blend the inside with the outside so that it utilises the indoor space to accommodate people in a way that allows them to retain connected to those outside. The line is being blurred to the point of hardly being able to tell what’s actually inside the home and what’s out.

As with anything, the key is in getting the right design. To get a great outcome that perfectly suits your needs and adds serious resale value to your home, you need to invest in getting a quality design.

Creating stunning indoor/outdoor verandahs, decks and terraces, as well as dedicated indoor/outdoor spaces is something of a specialty of ours. A quick look through our galleries shows a sample of the beautiful spaces we have created for our clients. However, what it can’t show you is the best design for your Brisbane home. For that you’ll need to contact us directly and allow us to help you take advantage of this growing Brisbane home design trend.