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How can residential architects bring comfort to your home?

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When we’re talking comfort, we’re not exclusively talking about big soft lounges, anti-gravity beds, or even backyard hammocks.

Sure those things are all super comfortable, and can add to the overall comfort of your home – but that’s not what this article is all about.

This article is about all the other things that residential architects put into making a home comfortable.

You see, it’s possible to have the most comfortable furniture, yet still have a home that is uncomfortable to live in. Australian houses are for the most part poorly designed, they have been designed for ease of construction – rather than the comfort of the occupants.

A bad house design can lead to feelings of frustration and eventually depression.

If you’ve ever walked in the door and felt like turning around and walking straight back out again, then you’ll know what I mean. Even if your home design isn’t that bad, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need improving.

Residential architects understand comfort like no other

Your chair might be cosy, but what about the trip to and from it?

If your home was not designed by architects, then I can guarantee that it doesn’t completely suit your needs. You’re putting up with things that you don’t like and making compromises. But why? Now is a fantastic time to renovate or build a new home!

Think about every little thing that makes your home uncomfortable. All those little things that bug you. They are the straws that are building up on the camel’s back, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Engage us and have us create the perfect design for YOUR needs. Below are just some of the areas we would look at in your home’s design:


A dark and dank house will never feel homely. Sunlight has been shown to have numerous physical and mental health benefits. A home filled with natural light feels more comfortable, more inviting. During the evening, have lights that allow you to control the level.

You should be able to set the level of illumination to suit the activity you’re undertaking, or the mood you’re trying to create.

image of clayfield queeslander renovated bright kitchen area

Clayfield Queenslander Renovation – This home’s renovated kitchen uses skylights and sliding doors to brighten up the kitchen, and connect it with the outdoor entertainers’ patio, creating a light and bright space


You cannot feel truly comfortable in a cluttered home. This is where your chosen architects need to understand your lifestyle needs.

For example, where do you store your ironing? Where do you do your ironing? Do you have children? If so, do they have enough storage space to keep all their toys and clothes?

What does your kitchen look like? Does it have clear benchtops and ample storage, or does it look cluttered? How does it look when you open your cupboard doors or your draws?

Do not live with clutter, it will bring your mood down and lead to feelings of frustration! We can create a design that gives you the storage options you need, and a floorplan that is clear of clutter.

image of wynnum new home spcious living room, kitchen and outdoor area

Wynnum New Home Design – This large informal living space is open and spacious, feeding out to the beautiful outdoor deck with stunning bay views. This home won the 2017 ArCHomes Award for its exceptional design.


A home that is hot in summer and cold in winter is not comfortable. If your home relies on the air-conditioner running most hours of the day to keep a comfortable internal temperature, then you’ve got a problem. Power prices are only going to go up!

Your home design needs to cater for our subtropical climate.

It should take advantage of the cooling breezes that are on offer, to keep your home naturally cool, with all of the health benefits that fresh air brings.

Plus, a home that is naturally cooled invites in all of the wonderful outdoor aromas, giving it a healthy and clean feeling.

image of sustainable sherwood new home living room

Sustainable Sherwood New Home – On a cold winter’s morning, our Sherwood client reported the outside temperate to be 3 degrees, and inside to be a toastie 17 degrees with no heating on! This is due to sustainable design, which gave this house an 8.7/10 energy star rating.


A key part of comfort is the ability to move through your home with ease.

You’re never going to feel completely relaxed in your comfortable chair if you’ve had to step over, or weave past things to get to it.

This is why architects need to get to know your lifestyle before we create your home design.

Once we understand how you like to live, we can create a design where all areas have the appropriate relationship, allowing for some spaces to flow seamlessly into others, whilst other spaces maintain their privacy.

It takes real design talent to achieve this balance, this is why it is best to engage a specialist home design architect to create your home design!

image of greenslopers queenslander renovation connected living room, kitchen, dining and office space

Greenslopes Queenslander Renovation – With seamless and open connections between the living area, kitchen, dining, and office space, our clients can easily walk through their homes with ease. Openness and improved connection also assist with flow, lighting and breezes.

Residential architects focus on Room specific comfort

The connection between each space is important, but so too is the individual design of each space.

Think about the spaces where you spend most of your time. Now think about how you would like to spend your time in those spaces.

Do you like to sit and read, or are you more of a television watcher?

Do you spend a lot of time on a mobile device?

Some rooms lend themselves to comfort more than others. Think bathrooms with deep, inviting bathtubs, or a master bedroom with a large king-size bed and ample space to move around.

When residential architects create your home design, each space is planned down to the finest detail to be visually stunning, yet beautifully practical.

image of hawthorne queenslander renovation ensuite bathroom

Hawthorne Queenslander Renovation – Beautifully appointed with modern finishes, this ensuite feels calming and relaxing. With an open bath area and deep, luxurious bathtub, this space makes for a wonderful escape after a busy day.

Interior design by residential architects

The furniture and fixtures within your home all impact your overall feeling of comfort. Different colours impact our moods as do pictures, paintings, and ornaments. The design of your interior should reflect who you are.

It should make you feel at home, and frame the mood and feel for each individual space and your overall home as a whole.

image of carina heights new home interior design kitchen

Carina Heights New Home – This luxury kitchen looks beautifully modern, and functions beautifully too. The choice of colours and furniture used create a warm, inviting feeling for the home perfect for the entertainer clients.

Get comfortable with dion seminara architecture

You spend a large portion of your life at home, so it’s crucial that your home is comfortable!

Contact us today and we can help you overcome the issues with your current home design and create a home that you’ll never want to leave.

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