The 5 keys to luxury home design

The 5 keys to luxury home design

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new home design wynnum bath luxury home designI often see companies advertising a luxury home design only to find them displaying standard homes that I personally find quite unremarkable.

Now I’m not saying that the homes they’re building aren’t nice, it’s just that I find their use of the word ‘luxury’ to be loosely applied.

You see for many architects and building designers the term ‘luxury’ seems to relate more to size than quality and I couldn’t disagree with this assessment more strongly; it’s completely possible to have a small home that is still luxurious.

So what is it that makes a luxury home design? Well, there are a number of components. These are my personal top 5:

1. Beauty

Beauty is subjective of course and people’s tastes differ, but just as an unattractive home is obvious, so too is a beautiful home. A home that has been designed with aesthetics in mind will have colours, lines and spaces that work together to create an amazingly stunning outcome. Often subtle, the features of a stunning looking home will draw you in rather than scream out ‘here I am, look at me’. Of course, different parts of the home may be themed in different ways, but although each space may be separate, they need to complement each other if the home is to be considered truly beautiful.

2. Liveability

Luxury implies the ultimate in comfort, so to be a luxury home the design must not only look sensational, it must be a beautiful place to exist in. I mentioned earlier that it’s not the size of the space that matters but rather the quality of the space. It must be inviting and functional, working with your lifestyle, not getting in the way of it. Luxury in this sense is not about compromise, it’s about achieving what you want from each space which can only come from a design that fully embraces your lifestyle goals.

3. Communication

Following on from the first two points is the way the spaces work in together and this is particularly true for internal and external spaces which must be able to ‘communicate’ with each other. In other words, they must exist in such a way that one enhances the other both aesthetically and practically. And to achieve this takes real design talent not to mention time and patience. Those architects who prefer to get the job done quickly seldom manage to achieve a great outcome in terms of the way spaces within a home communicate to one another.

4. Wow factor

Luxury homes almost invariably have some kind of wow factor. And yes it can be the sheer size of a home, but more commonly it is special spaces that remain in the memory of all who see them and move through them. Spaces that are inviting and engaging, that make you pause to take them in. They might be views that you can’t help but look at over and over again or a level of opulence or a subtle sophistication that only the very best designs can achieve.

5. Technology

This might sound out of place, particularly if you’re thinking about technology in a visual way, however, I am not referring to the appearance of technology, but more the practical application of it. You see anything that makes life easier and enhances the occupant’s experience can be considered luxurious. For example, the ability to switch on lights or open doors with a wave of a hand are technologies that one might find in a home that is considered to be a luxury abode.

If you’re looking for a luxury home design you’ve come to the right place

If you’re in the market for a luxury home design don’t be short-changed by those that don’t understand how to achieve a high level of design sophistication. Look through our galleries and you will see examples of luxury design that are stunning yet practical; designs that capture the 5 key points I just mentioned.

There are few Brisbane architects that truly offer luxury house design. To achieve a memorable outcome it’s important to work with architects that have experience and talent in this area,  have the necessary skills to produce a stunning result for your home. So contact us today and let us help you achieve your wildest dreams.