Why you should consider a master plan and staging your new home or renovation

Why you should consider a master plan and staging your new home or renovation

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staging your new home or renovationJust so we’re clear the type of staging I’m talking about here is a staged new build or renovation, where the project is built in stages around a master plan rather than all in one hit.

Staging can be a fantastic idea for those wanting to live in their ultimate dream home as you’re about to see because in this article I will explain the benefits of staging along with the important considerations along the way. So let’s get started …

Why you should consider staging your new home or renovation

We all have visions of the homes we would ultimately like to live in. We fantasise about all the features our ideal home would have. The luxury items, the stunning spaces, the appliances and more. But very few people can afford to build their ultimate fantasy home straightaway, which is where staging comes in.

When staging a home we effectively work backwards from your ultimate fantasy home to one that will fit within your current budget. We then create a plan to renovate, remodel and effectively build towards your ultimate home in stages.

So by staging your project your home can grow as your budget grows. As you pay off more of your loan and the value of your home increases you can refinance in a manageable, affordable way to fund the next stage of your project. Not only does this keep repayments at a manageable level, it also helps you avoid the risk of overcapitalisation as the value of your home grows as you invest more money into it.

A great master-planned design is crucial

Whilst staging the build of your home is a great concept it can all go wrong if you don’t get the right design.

Your home needs to be master-plan-designed in such a way that future stages are planned and easy to implement, with as little disruption and expense as possible. There will, of course, be an expense. However, a poorly designed staged build can cost a lot more than it should if your home isn’t designed with the future stages in mind.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable that some stages are going to require some demolishing of the existing home. Sometimes it really is a case of one step backwards for two or three steps forward. However, a home that hasn’t been designed well can quickly result in numerous, costly backwards steps before you start moving forward. And this is why you should work with an architect who has the skills and experience to create a well thought out design that really suits your needs; this is why you should work with dion seminara architecture.

Great designs marry form and function with flexibility

A great staged design ensures that the home always looks complete and finished even though there are plans for future expansion and alterations. Often there are many years between stages so it’s important that your home doesn’t look like you ran out of money and had to stop short of completing it. Our staged builds ensure that after each stage your home looks like a perfectly designed home; one that you’re proud to show off to family and friends.

It also needs to be comfortable. Our designs focus on function or, as well like to call it, ‘liveability’. Because there can be a long period of time between stages it’s important that each stage enhances your lifestyle rather than detracting from it. Nobody wants to live in a home that cramps their lifestyle while waiting to afford the next stage in their home’s evolution.

The design also needs to have an element of flexibility built in. Understanding that there can be many years between stages it’s quite possible that your interests, lifestyle or personal circumstances may change along the way. What was a priority when you started out might be less so as the years go by. A great staged design will allow for this possibility and be flexible enough to accommodate changes.

Important considerations when planning the stages

Where possible you ideally plan the stages of your extensions/additions/renovations to coincide with the various stages of your life. For example, if you have very young children you might plan additional rumpus rooms/entertainment spaces to be built around the time they are entering their teens and are looking for more freedom and privacy.

You should also aim to increase your comfort levels each step of the way with additions that further enhance your lifestyle.

When renovating an existing home, and particularly in the case of an older home, it’s often best to start with a focus on sustainability. Not only can this increase the comfort level of your home but it can also dramatically reduce the running costs as well, helping you afford the next stage sooner.

As we plan each stage with you, one of the things we will be asking you is ‘Of the things that you don’t have now that you would like, which is the most desirable? Which would you dearly love to have more than anything else?’ Each stage improves your home, raising its value and increasing your enjoyment of it. It, therefore, makes sense that, where possible, each additional stage brings you the things you want most that you couldn’t afford during the initial build.

So as you can see staging has real advantages and gives you the potential to have the home of your dreams in a way that you can afford. If you would like to build your dream home or renovate your existing home in stages, contact us today and let us create the perfect plan for your needs.

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