Renovation Design: The top 5 renovation mistakes and how to avoid them

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Renovation Design: The top 5 renovation mistakes and how to avoid them

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Renovating a home can be a dream or a disaster. To help you avoid the latter, here are 5 of the top mistakes that people make when renovating.


  1. Not placing an emphasis on great design

You cannot expect a great outcome without first getting a great renovation design. And to get a great design you need a great architect. One who specialises in bespoke renovation designs. An architect who takes the time to truly understand your needs.

It all starts with getting to know all about your lifestyle. If an architect or home designer isn’t asking detailed questions about you and your lifestyle needs, chances are they are not creating a design to suit you, they are creating a design that they would like to live in.


  1. Not disclosing your budget

I know there is a belief out there that you should downplay your budget and that somehow that will save you money. But the reality is things cost what they cost. If you want to add a new outdoor entertaining area of a particular size using quality materials, the price is what it is. The only thing that happens when you don’t disclose your true budget is your architect starts offering design advice based around that budget. If you’ve understated it by $100,000, then you’ll end up with an outcome, that whilst still very good, will be $100,000 less good than it could have been.

Renovation design is a collaborative endeavour. You need to trust your architect and be completely open with them to get the very best results.

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  1. Not listening to the advice of the experts

What’s the point of hiring an architect if you then don’t take on board what they are telling you? Admittedly this doesn’t happen often with my clients. I take the time to explain everything in great detail and get an agreement on the direction we’re taking along the way. But we are the renovation design experts. We will always tell you if we see any potential problems with what you’re proposing. Just because you might not like what you hear, doesn’t make the problem go away. Instead, take a cooperative approach, where you work with your architect to get the best outcome for your renovation project.


  1. Not taking a holistic approach to your renovation design

Your home is more than simply the building itself. It’s also your interior, your landscaping, your colour scheme, your plant selection. Even if you haven’t engaged us to do your interior or landscape design, we will still ensure that the design of your building renovation works with every other aspect of your home.

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Red Hill Renovation


  1. Not catering for the natural climatic conditions

The design of your renovation needs to consider the direction of the prevailing breezes, the orientation of your home, and the placement of internal spaces in relation to the sun. How can you maximise natural light and cooling airflow? How can you keep the running costs down, whilst maintaining maximum comfort for occupants? Our renovation designs consider all these factors and more, creating a stunning outcome that’s healthy, energy-efficient, and comfortable.


Seek the best renovation design advice

These are just 5 of the many mistakes people make when renovating their homes. Come and see us at the Reno + Design Show at the Brisbane Showgrounds on the 13th and 14th of March and let’s discuss your renovation needs in more detail.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.

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