7 Dec 2015

Renovating a child free home in Brisbane

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Renovating a child free homeI’ve written previously about the practice of renovating the family home to convert it into a dual living residence that allows for the adult children and their family to live in one-half of the home while the parents who own the home remain in the other. And that’s an excellent strategy for those whose children can’t afford to, or don’t want to, move out by themselves. But what about those people whose children do move out?  This article provides advice and tips for those people who are considering renovating a child free home.

Well for them it’s the perfect time to renovate as well.

I know a lot of people who put off renovating until their children leave home. Whether it’s because their home no longer needs to cater for their children, or they simply didn’t want their overgrown, partying teenagers to wreck the place, they’ve chosen to take on major renovations once their nest is empty.

If this is you, or soon will be you, now is the time to start thinking about your new lifestyle and what changes might be beneficial to ensure that your home meets your changing needs.

An obvious example is the ability to convert bedrooms into rooms that cater for hobbies. Sewing rooms, art studios or media rooms are an example of some of the more common changes that are made once the bedrooms are no longer needed as bedrooms. But often renovations post-children are much grander than simply throwing out a bed and moving in some desks.

Give it a lease of life

Now, with the children gone, it might be a great time to open up your home, knock down some walls and give your home a contemporary makeover.

Recently I met with a couple who were in just this situation, here’s what they said about their project:

With the children grown up and having left home, we were empty nesters with an older style, two-storey Queensland house badly in need of updating and refurbishment. We approached Dion Seminara with the brief that we wanted a larger entertainment area situated in an outdoor-indoor room. The bathroom was in need of renovation and we would have liked to bring the laundry upstairs.

Dion took our ideas and produced a concept that captured our needs and created a new internal arrangement, repositioning the kitchen, extending our existing deck and opening up all the internal living areas to refashion the house within its existing shell. The concept was bold and innovative. The 3D designs were inspiring.

The example above is quite common which often surprises people, particularly when empty nesters are looking to extend their entertaining areas. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Parents whose children have left home often find the quiet hard to get used to which leads to a lot more entertaining. Dinner parties and BBQ’s become a regular occurrence, so it stands to reason that people in this situation would want to give their home a modern makeover.

Getting started on renovating a child free home

So if your children have left home, or soon will be, now is the perfect time to start planning your new renovation. Giving your home a modern renovation not only gives you the chance to leave behind those years of compromise and finally get the home that you’ve always dreamt of, it also adds real financial value to your home.

But the key is working with an architect that excels in creative design. One that understands how to create renovation designs that not only suits your lifestyle needs but also adds financial value to your home. There are plenty of architects and building designers that will simply produce your ideas for you, but are your ideas the best for the outcome that you desire?

At dion seminara architecture it’s not about cutting corners or rushing to get jobs completed. It’s about getting the very best results for our clients time and time again, as shown in this second part of the earlier quote:

Dion and his team were excellent to work with, meeting with us on numerous occasions, both in our home and in his office, to help us work through our design. Dion was quick to respond to emails and phone calls and was ever patient with our concerns. We had never worked with an architect before this and, following this experience, we wouldn’t think of renovating or building again without one – especially one as accomplished as Dion Seminara. We cannot recommend dion seminara architecture more highly. Many thanks Dion!

Ian Elmer and Linda Maher

Now is the time to get the home that you deserve. You’ve raised your children, you’ve put in the hard yards, now is the time to pamper yourself with the home you’ve always wanted. So don’t put off renovating a child free home, contact us today and let us help create the perfect environment for your lifestyle needs.

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