Reimagining and renewing – giving older Brisbane homes a new lease of life

Reimagining and renewing – giving older Brisbane homes a new lease of life

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Realising that your home is old and tired is not something that comes easily to most people. For most of us a home is like a favourite sweater. You are so used to wearing it that you hardly notice the fact that it is way past its prime. One day, however, reality cannot be ignored any longer when it comes to an aging home. Maybe it is the clanging pipes, the sky-high energy bills or the general state of scruffiness. Whatever it is that brings it on, the realisation that your beloved abode needs an upgrade can cause a great deal of anxiety. Where to begin? What to do? Questions like these can be so daunting that we prefer not to think about them. Instead, we prefer to put the need for renovation and renewal in the ‘something to do someday’ basket.

It need not be like this, however. Getting a creative and competent architect on your team can turn a possible renovation project from a nightmare into an exercise in dream fulfilment. “An architect!?”; I hear you say “Isn’t it way too expensive to make use of them?” The answer is a resounding ‘No’! The fact that you have an architect on your team means that you can draw upon the expertise of someone who is able to creatively re-imagine tired interior spaces. Architects can come up with ideas that you probably haven’t even dreamed of. Since they are, furthermore, able to take a birds-eye-view of projects they will also be able to identify possible issues and solutions before they complicate your life. It is, therefore, certainly possible to see the services of an architect as a saving rather than an unwarranted expense. A saving from results that you hate and want to rip up immediately and possibly even a rescue from expensive and damaging DIY renovation mishaps!

Here at dion seminara architecture, we regard creative renovation as one of our areas of specialisation. Our record speaks for itself (Click HERE for a visual record of some of our recent renovation projects)

So what can we do for you? We can, for starters, spend time with you and discuss your particular needs and what your dreams for your living space are. We will then have a good look at how things stand at the moment before coming up with plans for how these dreams can be achieved. As professional external and interior architects with a focus on sustainable design, we will also be able to manage the execution of those plans from A-Z.

There are obviously many different types of renovation projects with different desired outcomes. As specialists in renovation, we can help you to achieve these outcomes, including:

Old Home Renovation Ideas

Improving sustainability and energy efficiency: Many older homes were built in a time when concern about their environmental footprint (not to mention high energy bills) was not such an acute issue. We can help change your inefficient home into a model of environmental rectitude through the implementation of sustainable cooling and heating strategies.

Updating infrastructure and ‘liveability’: Some homes are simply a bit tired (old carpets, faded interior decoration, creaking floorboards, the list goes on) and could do with a bit of updating. Others will benefit greatly from a bit of reconfiguring to bring them into line with modern lifestyles. As architects, we will take a long hard look at your home before coming up with creative suggestions on how these important goals might be achieved.

Improving the use of space: It could be that your home or block contains a lot of wasted and unused space. Updating and renovating to make use of this interior space could leave you with areas and rooms that you would never have thought possible. The options are endless, a wide veranda gaining a second lease of life as an entertainment area. Small, dinghy rooms turned into open plan living areas. Together we can imagine alternative ways in which your home can serve your needs and then work to turn this exterior and interior design into reality.

Accentuating period features:  Some homeowners take great delight in the fact that their homes are examples of certain periods or styles (e.g. a stunning old Queenslander). We have been involved in many projects where the features that make a specific property unique are subtly accentuated while the house is brought into the modern era. Do not think, therefore, that renovation and conservation are mutually exclusive. We have shown again and again that the two can be the best of partners.

Meeting special needs: As we grow older the things that we require from our living spaces change. We are proud of the fact that we have helped many people who experience reduced mobility to stay in their houses for longer through the creative adaptation of their homes to meet their changed circumstances.

These are just some of the ways in which we can help to bring your home into the future while retaining what is best from the past. Please contact us today to find out more, we love making older homes shine!

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