Queenslander renovations need a holistic design approach

Queenslander renovations need a holistic design approach

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holistic design approachI recently wrote an article about the pros and cons of Queenslander homes and things to consider when renovating them. What I would now like to talk about is the importance of having a holistic design approach when undertaking a Queenslander renovation.

What I mean by holistic design approach

There are 3 key parts to any home from a visual/lifestyle/design point of view – the exterior, the interior and the landscaping.

Queenslanders have a real charm that appeals to many people. It’s a charm that adds real financial value to the home. So when doing a Queenslander renovation it’s important that this character is maintained and not lost in the renovation design.

That’s not to say the design can’t be modern, it can, but it should be modern whilst preserving the elements that make Queenslanders so attractive to so many people.

Typically a lot of Queenslander renovations focus on the internal parts of the home and for good reason, the layouts of Queenslanders don’t lend themselves to comfort or energy efficiency as I mentioned in my earlier article. But often I see renovations where the interior has had a contemporary makeover that’s lost any connection it had with the external areas of the property. This is why a holistic design approach is needed.

You see at Dion Seminara Architecture we focus on all 3 aspects of your home –

  1. Building architecture
  2. Interior design
  3. Landscape design

Building Architecture

One of our real strengths is our ability to give Queenslander homes a modern facelift while still maintaining the original character of the home. Regulations often apply and may dictate what can and can’t be done but we can work within those regulations to give your home a contemporary lift. From a practical standpoint, things like larger windows, louvres and shutters can help with internal temperature control and help brighten the home.

Interior Design

Queenslanders benefit greatly from being opened up and doing away with unnecessary walls and hallways. Opening up the floor plan creates a better connection between spaces rather than people feeling isolated as they often do in a traditional Queenslander layout. It also allows for greater cross-ventilation and more natural lighting.


There are so many options here and the right choice will very much depend on what else is being done to your home. Your choices are to go with a classical throwback landscape design or something decidedly modern or anything in between. But the key here is to ensure that it blends with the rest of the home and that it makes the most of your blocks natural assets.

By taking this holistic approach our designs blend the spaces together. We maintain a visual connection as well as an appropriate physical relationship between the spaces whilst still creating a wonderful, contemporary renovation that makes the home far more liveable.

So if you have a Queenslander that you’re thinking about renovating contact us to discuss the options. Let us show you how our holistic design approach can add real value to your home.