13 Nov 2014

A place for everything in your modern kitchen design

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Our homes have transformed over the last fifty years with the home kitchen becoming the centre and heart of activity; the modern kitchen design trend is here to stay. No longer a separate room at the rear of the house, the modern kitchen is likely to be the centrepiece in an open plan layout. The heart of the home.

The evolution of the modern kitchen design

There was a time when dinner guests would sit in a formal lounge or at the dining table while the host prepared dinner.  Now you are more likely to find the guests gathered around the kitchen island having a glass of wine and a chat, and hopefully lending a hand!

The modern kitchen design is so much more than a food preparation area. It has become an entertaining space. An area for homework, a home office or a place to have a cup of coffee in the morning. With our increasingly busy lives, fewer people are sitting at their dining tables for meals. The modern kitchen has become the hub where families gather to catch up on the events of the day.

The key to renovation success

With the modern kitchen design taking such an integral role in our lives, it is no wonder it is one of the most commonly renovated rooms in the home.  A successful kitchen renovation requires a design professional to deliver you a result you will be proud to showcase in the centre of your home.

Our interior design professionals work with you to create solutions for all of the necessary kitchen mess – the appliances, the food packets, crockery and glassware.  Don’t forget about all the modern technology that creeps in with their cords and chargers. We can design you a study nook in the kitchen to house the laptop and the charging stations.

You can see the success of individually tailored solutions in this kitchen, renovated by dion seminara architecture. With the sleek black doors closed, you would never know that they hide all of the kitchen clutter as well as extra valuable preparation space.

modern kitchen design

Intelligent solutions for kitchen clutter

What if your kitchen location is at the back of the house and you really would love it to be the heart of the home? Don’t despair. We have improved many layouts through relocating the kitchen to another part of the home and giving the new kitchen a greater connection to the rest of the home.

Are you ready to create a kitchen that you will be proud to entertain in? Why not call dion seminara architecture on 3899 9450 to find out how you can include a new kitchen as part of your home renovation, new build or independent project.

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