Using an Architect is Like Investing in Your Lifestyle

Using an Architect is Like Investing in Your Lifestyle

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Discerning homeowners understand that they are not simply paying for someone to design their house – they are paying for someone to create a home.

There are plenty of people in the market who can create flashy looking home designs, and whilst some of these may be eye-catching, they are all too often cold and poorly laid out.

People often invest huge sums of money in getting these homes built only to find that they’re uncomfortable and don’t meet their needs.

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A house is bricks and mortar, a home is about emotions

Your home should be more than just a structure – it should be a feeling.

A feeling of comfort, of love, of safety.

A great home design is one that caters for your unique lifestyle needs, while poor home designs feel like they are working against you.

A home designed around your lifestyle feels like you are meant to be there, that every part of it has been moulded with your exact needs in mind!

That is, of course, the very point.

That is why people look for architects experienced in the style they want – to get a home that is tailored to their precise needs.

After all, why shouldn’t you have exactly what you want, without compromise?

Homes are a significant investment – the last thing you want is a home design that leaves you feeling frustrated and misunderstood!

Brisbane Renovation Design Red Hill: The project’s philosophy was to maximise the beautiful colonial features at the front of the existing home and seamlessly integrate them with a new contemporary, spacious extension to open the home and bring in the view. The result of this colonial architecture design is the perfect juxtaposition of modern design and a traditional colonial home.

Not every search for lifestyle home designs Brisbane is a winner

Unfortunately, many home designers claim to create bespoke designs based on your lifestyle – but few actually do.

Instead they start by basing your home or renovation design off existing designs that they have done in the past, and simply try to make slight alterations to somewhat improve them to suit your needs.

But how can this give you a great outcome?

Think about it, as much as you might have a similar lifestyle to other people – you haven’t come off a production line!

You are unique, your needs are unique, heck – even your block of land is unique!

Your home design must start with a blank page and grow from there.

Of course – to do that requires real design skill!

Everything must work together. There is no point designing one part of the home to suit your lifestyle only to find that it adversely impacts on another area. Your home is a collection of spaces that must work together harmoniously.

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Indooroopilly Home Renovation: This 1960’s home was certainly nothing to write home about in terms of its appearance. Whilst the property had solid ‘bones’ the exterior of the home was bland at best. Inside it lacked space and organisation resulting in a home that was low in terms of comfort and liveability.

So many lifestyles, so many possibilities

Our initial meeting with you is the key to getting the perfect outcome for your needs.

Getting a custom home design is all about getting a design that suits your needs, within your budget, and tailor-made for your block of land.

The starting point is for your architect to understand your lifestyle, and then using that knowledge to consider how they can create the design to best suit those needs!

The design is all about YOU. Once we understand who you are and what you like and dislike, what your current and future needs might be – only then we can look at the possibilities for your home.

External & Landscape Works to Queenslander: With perfectly designed and manicured tropical gardens popping with colour and vibrance. Finally, the large mesh-covered veggie pavilion at the rear of the property brings urban farming to the suburbs on the fringe of the city. With an abundance of produce bringing fresh food to our client’s family and friends.

Do you enjoy gardening or entertaining?

For example if you love gardening, then the design will cater for those needs.

Do you like indoor and outdoor plants? What type of garden do you prefer?

No doubt you will have pride in your garden – so the interior of your home should offer views of your garden and a feeling of connection. Beyond that, what type of tools and materials do you need to store? Based on the answer to that question we can design suitable storage in an appropriate location, so you don’t have to walk half a mile each time you need something. Of course, your storage solution will be designed in a way that blends in with your existing home and compliments your garden.

Perhaps you like entertaining? Indoor or outdoors or both? Formal sit-down dining, or BBQ’s on your deck? Do you like to have a few mates over to watch some sport on a weekend? Perhaps a sportsman’s lounge/bar could be incorporated into your home?

The possibilities are endless – but only if you are working with someone who truly understands lifestyle-focused design, and knows how to get the best results for your personal needs.

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Redcliffe Home Renovation: The objective of the new design was it bring back character and create additional amenities for a growing family in this Queenslander renovation. And a sub-tropical relaxation zone poolside with the re-creation of an existing shed into a poolside pavilion.

All of this, with a sustainable advantage

We are one of Brisbane’s leading eco-focused architects. We understand the local climate, and have a proven track record of knowing how to take advantage of what it offers.

Your home design will not only be tailored to your lifestyle needs – it will also offer you the highest levels of comfort, with low running costs!

Natural lighting and cooling breezes will make your home a healthy, inviting space – one that you will never want to leave! If you work from home then your space will be designed with productivity in mind. A space where you feel energised and focused, in a way that a regular office cannot achieve.

Lifestyle home designs Brisbane sustainable home

Sustainable & Passive Designed New Home: Our client came to us wanting us to design a highly energy efficient home. Our original design concept included 15 degree roofs facing due north, a gate house and highly balanced material selections.

It will look amazing

Of course, your home design isn’t only about great functionality- it will also be visually stunning!

The exterior of your home can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be, it will be a reflection of you and what’s important to you.

Inside, spaces will capture your imagination as you move through the home. Each part of your home will be visually stimulating, yet comforting and relaxing.

Lifestyle home designs Brisbane starts here

Your dream home is just a phone call away. You could call someone else – but would you really feel like you’re getting the best design for YOUR lifestyle needs? Particularly after everything you’ve just read.

We will create a home design for you that suits your needs and your lifestyle. We can start with a blank canvas and build the ultimate new home, or utilise your existing space to create your dream renovation design. Call us today and let us show you the possibilities!

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