7 top tips for landscaping around your home

7 top tips for landscaping around your home

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It’s a great time of year to be outside enjoying the warmer weather, but is your yard up to par and looking its best? If not these 7 handy tips for landscaping around your home are sure to help.

1. Start at the beginning | Landscaping around your home
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When planning your home landscaping we typically start from the front and work to the back. Even if the front yard doesn’t need to be done, the design of the remodelled parts of your yard should be sympathetic to what’s at the front.

When I mention streetscape most people immediately think of the front of their home, but the design of your front yard plays a huge part in the impression you make. From any fences and gates through to plant selection and features it should add to the overall beauty of your home.

2. Do the hard stuff first | Landscaping around your home

And by hard stuff we mean the hardscape – any structures like water features, paths, swimming pools etc. We start off by fully understanding your lifestyle and what you want from your external areas. From there we design the hardscape aspects of your landscape design and only once that is finished do, we start planning plants and lawn areas. All elements must work in together and then must compliment your home which is why our building, interior and landscape services give us a unique advantage in this area.

3. Lawn considerations | Landscaping around your homequeenslander renovation bulimba new extension

How much lawn you have will depend on the size of your yard, what hardscape features you have as well as garden beds. How often you want to mow might well be another consideration. It is possible through clever design to create a very green looking space with minimal lawn area, but if you’re someone who likes a lot of lawn then there are some things to keep in mind.

Grass selection is important. Nobody likes a weedy lawn, but did you know some grass types are very weed resistant and compete well against weeds? Different grass types also have different growth rates which means less mowing. Certain species, like Palmetto for example, work well in shaded areas making them a great choice for around the base of trees where other types of grass won’t grow.

4. Low maintenance / low water consumption | Landscaping around your homeart deco queenslander relaxing under trees at dusk

If you love gardening, then the amount of maintenance your garden requires might not be a big deal. However, if you’re time poor or simply don’t like digging around in the yard a low maintenance garden should be high on your wish list.

South East Queensland tends to be quite dry making gardens that are fairly drought resistant very desirable as they require less watering and thus keep your water bills in check. Adding a grey water system can further reduce your water usage and is something that we can help you with.

5. Create defined spaces within your yard | Landscaping around your home

There are several ways to create defined spaces that can be used for different purposes. Retaining walls are a great way to create boundaries, but plants can also be used to create borders and boundaries either visually or physically or both.

6. Water features | Landscaping around your homeart deco queenslander front garden pond tropical

Water features are an elegant way of adding visual interest to an outdoor space. If you’ve chosen a pond type, it’s important that it doesn’t turn into a mozzie breeding area. Fish can really help keep the mozzies at bay, but the fish themselves need protection from birds and cats. There’s a lot that goes into getting an outdoor water feature just right.

And it’s not just in your yard. Water features can also be stunning additions to swimming pool spaces as well.

7. Speaking of swimming pools | Landscaping around your homeentertainment area design

One area that I find is often lacking in swimming pool design is the fencing. And I don’t mean the actual pool fencing that is required by law, but more the boundary fencing that sits inside the pool fence.

This fencing helps visually define the space, particularly when you consider that the pool sits horizontally, so it’s the fence and any plants or structure that really capture the eye as you approach it. This fencing is also important for privacy which is why we put so much time and effort into planning this aspect of your design.

Let us design the perfect outdoor space for your home

If your yard isn’t everything that you dreamt it would be then you should contact us today. We have a wealth of experience in creating landscaping and hardscaping that compliments the home as well as your lifestyle.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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