Interior Design Services that save you money? It’s true.

Interior Design Services that save you money? It’s true.

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There are many, many benefits that interior design has to offer, but did you know saving money was one of them?

Most people understand the aesthetic value of working with an interior designer. And if you’ve been following some of my other articles you will no doubt realise that there are many functional and lifestyle-related benefits to working with me as well. But you might not have realised just how affordable my services can be.

Trade prices from us to you

One of the ways that we can often save you money is through access to trade prices for various products and items. We can’t get trade prices from every supplier or on every single item, but we can get substantial discounts on a wide range of fittings [think tapware, etc.], finishes [think tiles, etc.] and appliances and where we can, we give you the full benefit of those savings.

Expert advice

Another way that we can save you money is by giving you the very best advice, particularly in terms of what items offer the best value for money. For example, you might like a particular type of tile but we might know of another brand that looks virtually the same and offers the same quality at a much lower price.

We do not get commissions or kickbacks. Our advice is always based on what’s best for you and what will offer you the very best value for your investment. The most expensive ‘name brand’ is not always the best way to go. If we believe there is a better option for you, one that will save you money but still give you a quality outcome, then we will tell you, giving you all the information before you make up your mind.

Doing the same for less

Often when I am talking with clients about what they would like to achieve, their initial thoughts – whilst good – are often a not as efficient as they could be. In other words, my client’s plans involve more work and more materials than might really be necessary for the outcome they are after. This is commonly the case with storage solutions.

I can often come up an even better outcome for a far smaller outlay, using far fewer materials, by using the existing spaces more effectively.

So if you’ve been thinking you would like to work with me on your home interior design needs, but were worried about the potential size of your investment, then think again. I think you would be amazed at just how affordable my services – and the services offered by dion seminara architecture overall – really are.