25 Jan 2019

6 inspirational ideas for furnishing a large living room

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carina heights new luxury home design living roomLarge living spaces might seem like a wonderful asset in a home, until you come to furnish them. You see the reality is large living rooms are notoriously tricky to get right when it comes to furnishing your home.

Too little furniture and the space can look barren and uninviting. Too many competing pieces of furniture and the space can look disjointed and dysfunctional.

So, to save you the heartache of trying to solve one of home designs greatest challenges on your own, we’ve put together these 6 inspirational ideas for furnishing your large living room.

1. Define spaces within the space

Effectively what you’re going to want to do here is visualise zones within your living room. Break it into activity categories such as television, conversation, study and portable media.

Now it might seem odd to put television and portable media separately however most people I know are either wanting to watch television, or surf on their phones/iPad or other portable devices. Study spaces are most likely going to have a computer rather than a lot of books, but regardless a bookshelf can help to define the zone and create visual interest.

By creating defined spaces within your living room, it makes it easier to plan the furniture that you will want in that space.

2. Create visual boundaries and borders

Once you have created your zones you’ll now want to define them visually. There are several ways in which this can be done. Rugs can be particularly effective. Positioning couches and chairs can frame a rug, with the rug itself creating a centre for that space. Different types of furniture can then be used to define boundaries elsewhere within the room. A side table beside a reading chair can make a statement about where that relaxation area commences.

Plants are another underutilised asset when it comes to creating zones. Large rooms, particularly those with high ceilings, benefit from large, potted plants which create interest and help to visually partition off parts of the room.

3. Speaking of partitions

Of course, another option with particularly large living spaces is to actually have a moveable partition that can divide the room into two or more spaces. Concertina doors that can be pulled back to create one large, open space, or drawn across to divide the room into two are very practical and attractive if done correctly.

On the topic of being done correctly, keep in mind that the spaces need to compliment each other when any partition is open. It’s all well and good to design and decorate two spaces individually but thought needs to be given to how well they compliment each other when they are brought together.

4. Large space – large furniture

Furnishing large rooms is made easier when one embraces the concept of proportion. For example, a small coffee table that looks stunning in your friends small living room might look ridiculously miniature in your very large living space.

Large lounge suites, tables, bookshelves and cabinets can all make a big room look well balanced and proportioned. If you have very high ceilings, consider tall furniture that gives the room proportional balance.

Another trick is to make sure you don’t hug the walls. If you have a long, narrow living room then you may be inclined to place furniture against the walls for ease of movement and access, but in a typical large living room placing chairs and couches away from the wall and more central in a room gives you both ease of access as well as visual balance.

renovation design red hill lounge connects to outside6. Ensure the space is well lit

Large rooms typically need more light fittings. It’s easy for corners to be darkened or shadows to be cast when there are fewer sources of night time lighting. A variety of lighting options can help create the mood you desire within this space. For example, having only wall lighting on can create a soft, relaxed mood, whereas combining wall lighting with ceiling lighting can create a more inviting and vibrant feeling.

Of course, nothing beats professional advice when it comes to correctly furnishing large living rooms. So, if you’re still feeling stuck or overwhelmed, feel free to give us a call and let our trained professionals create a room design that is both stunning and suits your lifestyle needs.

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