11 Feb 2016

Positioning your kitchen within your home

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architects hawthorne kithcen island bench ideal kitchen positionIs there an ideal kitchen position?

A lot of time and effort goes into planning the layout and design of kitchens, as it should, but not everyone puts as much emphasis on the importance of the kitchen position within the home itself.

Recently I wrote about various kitchen layouts and designs, but the location of your kitchen is just as vital.

Why the location of your kitchen is important…

Previously I’ve written that the kitchen is the hub of your home – or at least it should be.

In the average home, a large amount of time is spent preparing and cooking food.  An isolated kitchen means the person charged with making the meals is removed from the rest of the home, isolated from conversations and interactions.  This is undesirable at the best of times but even worse when entertaining guests.

Just on the point of guests, think for a moment about what you typically do when guests come over.  Do you sit for a chat?  Do you offer your guests refreshments, like a cup of tea or coffee?  How far do you have to go to prepare those refreshments?  If it’s away from your preferred seating area the design of your home is now working against you.  You either have to leave your guests by themselves and shout from room to room, or drag them to the kitchen with you and then back again.

Is your current kitchen position ideal?

So obviously based on the above example it’s important that your kitchen has a connection to areas where you want people to gather.  The design of your home and the positioning of your kitchen should draw people into the space where you want them to be.

It’s also important that it connects with the living areas so you can engage with family members or other occupants of the home.

But it’s not just the internal areas that you need to consider.  It’s also highly desirable that your kitchen connects to your outdoor areas as well.  It shouldn’t be a juggling act or a trek to get from your kitchen to your outdoor entertaining space.  This is important even if you have an outdoor kitchen as you will most likely find yourself still needing to access the main kitchen for one reason or another.

Another consideration is the positioning of your kitchen in relation to your garage.  I don’t know about you, but even though I try to do one main shopping trip each week I find myself going to the supermarket almost daily for something or other.  That means that in an average week there are probably 5 days where I have to take groceries from my car to the kitchen.  That’s more than 250 trips from the car to the kitchen each year!  So as you can imagine a poorly positioned kitchen can very quickly become frustrating.

So is your current kitchen in the ideal location? Is it central, connected, is it close to an access point which is close to your laundry etc?

If your kitchen isn’t in the right position changing the location of the kitchen within your home can be a big process, but the results are definitely worth it.

Changing your kitchen position will transform your home, making it more functional, attractive and connected.  Just as a well-designed kitchen adds real financial value to a home so too does a well-located kitchen.  So don’t put up with a design that isn’t suiting your needs.  Contact us today at dion seminara architecture and let us create a better kitchen design for your home.

More information about architect designed kitchens with dion seminara architecture.

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