House designers Brisbane: Have your proposed floorplan reviewed by one of Brisbane’s leading residential architects

House designers Brisbane: Have your proposed floorplan reviewed by one of Brisbane’s leading residential architects

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Often people come to us with limited budgets, who can’t afford our full service, but still want to get the best advice. They might be working with mass-produce builder, or they’ve searched “house designers brisbane”, found a design, or number of designs that they like, and they are simply looking for some feedback on how well those designs will suit their lifestyles.

Well, if that sounds like you, then you’ll be happy to know that a Brisbane architect such as us offer a Floorplan Review service, that’s perfect for your needs.

Greenslopes Home Renovation: This Greenslopes home renovation was undertaken to improve the functionality and appearance of the home while maintaining the integrity of the existing house. The focal point of the renovation was the extension, deck area, and newly landscaped backyard. This links to the open plan kitchen, family, and dining room with a beautiful contemporary look and feel that also respects the Queenslander style.

Choosing a home design from a mass-produce builder, rather than House designers Brisbane

Mass-produce builders work on volume. They have a set number of residential designs that they offer, and you can choose from anyone of those designs. Well, providing the design you’re after will fit on your block.

But that really is the challenge. It’s up to YOU to decide on the design, with little to no feedback from anyone qualified in designing homes to suit individual lifestyle needs.

The building company themselves don’t really care which design you choose. It’s just as easy for them to build one as to build the other. After all, they are building these home designs week in, week out. They don’t understand your lifestyle needs, they don’t care about your lifestyle needs, they just want to build your house.

That’s not to say that these companies don’t want you to be happy. They hope that you will be. It’s just that they don’t know what advice to give you, because they don’t understand lifestyle design like residential architects such as us. Instead, they wait for someone to search up house designers Brisbane, come across their designs, and then engage them to build their new home. Any advice they do offer should be taken with due caution. After all, how much does a builder really know about your lifestyle and how to design a home to suit it?

Indooroopilly Renovation: For this Indooroopilly renovation, the clients wanted to achieve a relaxed, inviting and comfortable home feel. They also desired a practically designed family home with the potential to grow as the family’s needs change into the future. It now has natural light, breezy and open living areas to take advantage of the north-easterly breezes/winter sun. It has the extra benefit of being a home that is easy to clean and keep tidy.

Design construct builders are not much better

Perhaps your search for house designers Brisbane has led you to a design construct builder. These builders typically use building designers rather than residential architects. As a result, the designs, whilst appearing attractive on paper, do little in the way of meeting your lifestyle needs.

Often design construct builders will have a selection of designs to choose from. But even those who claim to offer luxury home designs don’t offer great lifestyle designs. It pays to have a more qualified Brisbane architect eye pass over your proposed design.

Floorplan Review service is great for renovations

It’s not all about new home architecture designs. You can also take advantage of this service if you’re renovating and existing home.

Let’s say you have a renovation project, but it’s not large enough to warrant engaging a residential architect to undertake the work, or you’ve already had your design drafted by a building designer or another Brisbane architect. You might still want to engage us to run our eye over the renovation design that they’ve done for you. This is a massive investment; you want to know that you’re going to be getting the best outcome for your home.

Chelmer Home Renovation: The design for this Chelmer home renovation revolves around improving the liveability of the client’s ground floor areas and adding additional bedrooms on the first-floor level. To improve the streetscape of this Chelmer home renovation, we designed a new garden area at the front of the home, with a hedge to hide the rock wall. A new freestanding letterbox, front path, and new contemporary polycarbonate clad panel lift garage door improve the appearance of the main entry.

The advantage of house designers Brisbane floorplan review service

As residential architects we have a wealth of experience in home designs in Brisbane and beyond. We understand how to design a home to suit our customers lifestyle needs. We have an in-depth understanding of environmental house design, to help keep running costs down.

We have been in the building design Brisbane game for over 30 years. So, after getting to understand a bit about your block, your lifestyle needs, and the outcomes you are after, we can look at home design options and know which one will best suit your needs. As Brisbane residential architects we can advise you on the pros and cons of each design as they relate to your circumstances.

Similarly, if you have had a new home design or renovation design created by a building designer, or another Brisbane architect, we can give you feedback on that design to take back to them for revisions and alterations. Another Brisbane architect might not like this. But ultimately this is about you and your home. By engaging with a Brisbane architect like us we can help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls and get the best outcome for your needs.

Most off the plan house designs don’t offer much, if anything, when it comes to external works around your home. As an extension of this service, you can engage us to create your external works design around the home design that you choose.

North Lakes Pool & Entertainment Area Design: Resort ambience makes its stamp on the family home through the new outdoor area extension. The striking cedarwood brings warmth to the new outdoor area and combined with the Haiku style fans provides much-needed relief from the humidity. The beautiful waterfall and the tropical plants were designed to give our clients and their visitors an instant feeling of relaxation and calm. 

What if our design options are dreadful?

It does sometimes happen that you search house designers brisbane, choose a mass-produce builder or a design/construct builder, and then end up with a bunch of designs that don’t suit your needs at all.

There are some where I shake my head, looking at designs that have poor flow, poor connection, and average to poor passive environmental house design elements. As a professional Brisbane architect I wonder what the person was thinking when they threw all those lines together and called it a floorplan. In this case we will provide our honest feedback and help you explore any potential options.

Regardless of your budget building a new home, or renovating an existing one, is a major investment. This is your hard-earned money and chances are you will have to live with your decision – and any potential mistakes – for years to come. Avoid the risks and have one of Brisbane’s best residential architects do a floorplan review of your options and give you sound advice that will not only improve your lifestyle but will potentially improve your resale value in the years to come.

Wynnum New Home Design:  The Wynnum new home design will provide a streetscape aesthetic that is unique and contemporary. All while incorporating the necessary character sympathetic inclusions. When guests arrive they will enter into the stairwell void with overhead windows. As a result, filtering light and air into this large entry and central stairwell space.

So, if you’ve searched house designers brisbane, or found a builder who has provided you with floorplan options, contact us today and let us help you make the right choice for your needs. One phone call is all it takes to help you avoid the pitfalls that so many people mistakenly stumble into when choosing off the plan floorplan designs.

We look forward to your call.

Contact us, house designers Brisbane, today and let us help create your perfect home design


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