13 Oct 2015

Australian home owners are renovating rather than building new

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Survey of Australian homeowners reveals that more homeowners are renovating

75% of the 13,000 Australian Houzz visitors had renovated or were planning to renovate their home. In contrast, only 12.5% were involved with a new home building.

At dion seminara architecture, I too can confirm that there is an increasing number of homeowners renovating their homes. From discussions with my clients, it is apparent that renovation, (whilst it too can be costly) is often preferred to a custom new home.  Many of my clients love the location of their home (do not want to move) and enjoy many aspects of their current home.  Thus they are looking for improvements and home extensions to further increase their enjoyment of their current home.

This is borne out by the Houzz survey results with most renovations done by Aussie homeowners being elective rather than essential.  Thus homeowners are seeking to enhance and create a home that is a delight to live in.

Who is renovating? The whys and the wherefores…indooroopilly home renovation yard

According to the survey, renovations are popular with Australians across all age groups and across all states.

The main reason Australian homeowners gave for renovating was that they finally have the financial means or the time to undertake a renovation that they had wanted to do for some time.

The results from the 2014 Houzz survey also highlight the importance of using a design professional when renovating with the survey revealing the following three most important improvements that Australian homeowners are seeking with a renovation:-

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Functionality
  3. Increasing resale value

Dare I say that if you are seeking any of the above, these goals are not easily achieved without the assistance of an architect.  I am only too aware that a lot of homeowners baulk at the thought of adding architect fees to their planned renovations costs. Many of our clients, however, having used our services swear to the value of architectural design…

“Collaboration between architect and builder turned the design into a ‘new’ house,
in which we are delighted to live, and which visitors and passers-by admire.”

“Dion was the only person who had the creativity to make house look the way we
wanted it to and that was worth the expense.”

Top Aussie Home Owner Challenges

According to the survey, the top challenges that Australian’s face when renovating is:-

  1. Finding the right service providers (36%)
  2. Finding the right materials and products (32%)
  3. Staying on budget (28%)
  4. Defining my/our style (28%)

These results do not surprise me. Whilst the final product of a renovation should far outweigh the ‘pain and cost’ that the process can cause, without the right professional help, this may not be the case. For this reason at dion seminara architecture, I offer a full-service package to clients.  This package lifts the entire weight of a renovation from your shoulders.

I strongly believe in providing clients with personal service at the highest level.  Thus I have designed a process that takes you from the initial concept right through to the final completed construction of your newly renovated home. By assisting you every step of the way, you can be assured that your renovation will be completed on time, within budget and will exceed your expectations.  Please have a look at the 6 Step Process that I offer.

If you are one of the 75% of Houzz visitors planning a renovation to your home – you may be interested to know that an extremely high proportion of Australians rely on reviews and recommendations (almost 80%) when engaging professional services for a home renovation.  At dion seminara architecture we again support the Houzz survey result as much of our work comes from referrals and repeat business.  Please have a look at what our clients say regarding the services that we provide.

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