Here’s why not every architect can design your dream home or renovation

Here’s why not every architect can design your dream home or renovation

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It’s a common misconception that all architects are basically equal and that you can choose any architect to design your home or renovation and the result will be the same as it would if you had chosen any other architect.

But not all architects are born equal.

You see different architects have different skills. Some have a flair for a particular type of design project – such as commercial building design – whilst others will not. And it’s important to understand this when choosing an architect to work on your project.

So imagine that you’re looking for architects in Queensland, specifically a Brisbane architect to build your new home or renovate your existing home. Keeping in mind the points I’ve just raised how do you choose the best person for your project?

Well broadly speaking you can eliminate a bunch of Brisbane architects simply by putting a line through those that specialise more in commercial architecture. Sure if you were looking to build a shopping centre or a high rise apartment building these architects would be at the top of your list, but if you’re looking for the best outcome for your home design, you need to find a Brisbane based architect that is an expert in domestic/residential architecture.

Of course, them simply saying they are an expert is not necessarily a good indication of their skill. You should also look for someone with lots of experience. An architect with a track record of great home and renovation designs.

So that has narrowed the list down a bit, but you can actually narrow it down even further.
The next step is to consider how long you intend to live in your home and how important it is that your home suits your lifestyle. If comfort and liveability are important to you, then you have a further piece of criteria to add to the list.

You’re now looking for a Brisbane architect who is:

  • an expert in domestic/residential architecture
  • who has a wealth of domestic/residential experience
  • with an excellent track record of results
  • who fully understands the importance of designing to suit the client’s lifestyle
  • who actually has the ability to design a home that suits their client’s lifestyle.

So, in essence, you’re looking for a lifestyle design architect.

At dion seminara architecture we are experts in the field of domestic/residential home and renovation design with a wealth of experience and an excellent track record in this field. We fully understand the importance of designing to suit our client’s lifestyle and won’t put pen to paper until we have a thorough understanding of our clients’ lifestyle needs.

Choosing the right architect is vital to achieving the best outcome. So take your time to shortlist only those that have the expertise to suit your needs.