19 Nov 2018

Have an architect design it for you in the first place

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home renovation in BrisbaneI see lots of building designers and drafts people offering services that to the untrained, unsuspecting public may seem very similar to those offered by an architect. And certainly they can cover the same sorts of services that we offer, but in a very different way.

Use of smoke and mirrors

Some designers list their services in such a way that it appears as though they offer a huge range of design services when in fact there is really only one or two base design options with additional fees for variations on those options.

But it’s clever don’t you think? I mean, breaking your services down to make it look like you offer so many different types of designs when they are really just options. Unfortunately, some people get fooled into thinking that this is giving them the best design outcome when it’s often far from the truth.

If YOU can’t create your own design you shouldn’t be working with a building designer

A generalisation there I know, but there is a lot of truth to what I just wrote.

Let me give you an example of what I mean …

I was recently shown a website of a building designer which stated that in the initial meeting they would discuss YOUR design ideas with you and then go away and create a design concept based on your ideas. No mention of them offering any of their own ideas and certainly no mention of them getting to understand your lifestyle and what you’re trying to achieve, simply that they would create a design based on your ideas.

Which really, for “building designers” makes their service sound more like that of a drafts person.

So what happens if you don’t know anything about design? What happens if you don’t really know what you want? I’ve had plenty of clients who have had an idea of the outcome they wanted but no real clue as how to create a design that would give them that outcome.

I mean, why pay them if you’re going to end up doing the design yourself?

Hang on, do they REALLY know what they’re doing?

They go on to say that they will make any number of alterations to those initial designs – at no additional charge – until you are completely happy.

Now you might think that’s a pretty strong selling point but by this stage my alarm bells were going off. I would offer unlimited wholesale changes only if I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING IN THE FIRST PLACE, and simply wanted you to eventually sign off on something so I could get paid.

I personally don’t offer unlimited revisions because I get the design right in the first place (minus some minor tweaking) 10 times out of 10. That’s because I a) take the time to really listen and understand your true needs, b) have a really good idea on how much things will cost and what will fit within your budget and c) I have a tremendous amount of design skill. I have a wealth of experience that enables me to create designs that will truly suit your needs without the need to endless changes.

By the end of our initial meeting we would both be in complete agreement about what was needed, what the design was going to look like and we would have discussed and understood exactly what was going to happen.

Now compare that to offering never ending meetings, revisions, full design changes etc. How much time is that wasting and if the design has changed over and over again? How confident can you really be that what ends up getting built is the best design? If they really knew what they were doing the design would have been done right the first time and you would know you’re getting the best outcome. Plus, your project could be started so much sooner.

So, whilst some companies might package up their services to look in-depth and thorough, their offerings are often little more than very basic design work dressed up to look like more. If you want the best outcome for your project come to the professionals with the design skills and experience to give you the best results for your investment. If you want the best design you need to talk to us at dion seminara architecture.

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