Hampton architects Brisbane: Brisbane Hamptons style home + Queenslander style = a winning combination

Hampton architects Brisbane: Brisbane Hamptons style home + Queenslander style = a winning combination

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Hamptons style homes are very popular. You can see why. They are visually engaging, and people have become very familiar with the style thanks to American television and cinema. But as Hampton architects Brisbane, I would not recommend someone build an authentic style Hamptons style home in Brisbane.

Why you ask?

Well, it’s all to do with our sub-tropical climate. And you would do well to understand the pitfalls from Hampton architects Brisbane before running off to have someone design a Brisbane Hamptons style home for you.

Instead of thinking authentic Hamptons, you should be thinking Hamptons style merged with Queenslander style. It’s a union that, when designed by experienced Queenslander architects, produces stunning offspring.

Hampton architects Brisbane: What is a Hamptons style home?

Custom Hamptons Style New Home Design Gregor’s Creek: In this Queenslander, Hamptons style custom new home design, Gregor’s creek, our clients were escaping city life and desired an authentic country retreat to share with family and friends throughout their early retirement years. The design of the new residence extends the warmth of the older buildings and celebrates the very best of modern conveniences.

It’s easy to understand the popularity of Hamptons style homes. They are stunning, combining a well-to-do sophistication with a relaxed, coastal holiday home vibe. They are at once luxurious and yet warm and comfortable.

Inside the floorplans are open and spacious. White kitchens with marble benchtops, soft palates of blues and greens adorn the home, with natural textures. Detailed architraves and cornices add visual depth to the interiors of these homes.

Hampton architects Brisbane don’t tend to build true Hamptons style homes here in Australia. There are obvious differences, such as roofing materials. Hamptons style homes in the US predominantly feature timber shingle roofs, whilst here in Australia we prefer metal roofs for this style of home. And there are good reasons for not copying the style exactly.

Why Hampton style homes needs to have a Queenslander architects twist

Building a truly authentic Hamptons style home in Brisbane would not be advisable. Simply because in their purest form, they tend to perform very poorly in our climate.

Hamptons style homes are designed for a cold climate. How cold? Think completely frozen lakes kind of cold. They look stunning, but much of their design is based around keeping the cold out and the heat in. It can get hot in those same areas in the US, but here in Brisbane it tends to be warm pretty much year-round. An authentic Hamptons style home in Brisbane would be uncomfortable and very expensive to run. They do not respond well to Australian climate. Yes, you can have solar panels but air-conditioning running full bore will churn through this energy still resulting in a large power bill despite having solar.

Brookfield Contemporary Renovation: The house built in the 80/90’s had a slight federation look and feel. Our clients liked this style and want to enhance, modernise. And create better indoor-outdoor space with much better interior spaces.

Hamptons style meets Queenslander style

As Queenslander architects , I have had years of experience renovating Queenslander style homes. And as Queenslander architects, I know the positives and the negatives of this style of home.

There are plenty of similarities between the two styles of homes. But it’s the differences that make them such a natural match. By taking the best design elements of one and combining them with the other, Queenslander architects make it possible to create a truly stunning Brisbane Hamptons style home.

Many mass-produced homes offer little to no visual excitement. Instead, they are cold, boring boxes with no soul. But Hamptons and Queenslander style homes have character. They have detail in their design that brings them to life and fit into our streetscapes. Both are homely and inviting, with good connections between interior and exterior space.

But, as I have mentioned, there are important differences. Hamptons style homes built in the US typically have timber shingle roofs compared to the corrugated metal roofs found on Queenslander. The advantage of metal roofs is that they require less maintenance. They are perfect for Queensland’s sub-tropical climate. Hamptons style homes have beautiful large windows. But they tend to be fixed and unable to be opened. Hardly ideal for allowing in natural cooling breezes that we find here in South East Queensland. The windows on authentic Hamptons style homes often have limited overhangs. This is ideal for allowing the sun to warm the interior of the home during the cold of winter. But here in Queensland we work to keep direct heat off the windows. Queenslander style homes do this well.

Hawthorne Queenslander Renovation: Our designs for this Hawthorne Queenslander Renovation included contemporary enhancements, a new free-flowing floorplan, increased ventilation and natural light, and improved indoor-outdoor connections. The property now sits proudly among a sea of character homes and embodies a contemporary style with a respectful nod to the past.

You need experienced Queenslander architects

So, whilst an authentic Hamptons style home is not ideal for local conditions, a hybrid Hamptons/Queenslander style home is. As Queenslander architects we know the results are visually stunning, whilst keeping the same warm, inviting and laidback style that makes Hamptons style homes so popular in the first place.

But you need the Hampton architects Brisbane for the job. I am a sustainable architect with a wealth of experience. I know how to create the perfect Brisbane Hamptons style home. The design of your home will overcome the pitfalls and shortcomings of the authentic Hamptons style, whilst maintaining all of its visual charm. The wrong design will leave you with a home that’s expensive to run and uncomfortable in the warmer months. We can help you avoid that mistake with a bright, airy design that takes advantage of natural ventilation.

Another significant benefit of having Hampton architects Brisbane create the design of your home, or renovation, is that we also offer an interior design service. In fact, when it comes to interior designers Brisbane our service is among the very best. And Hamptons style homes really do benefit from an eye for appropriate interior design. Much of the ‘feel’ of the Hamptons style comes down to the interior styling.

Redcliffe Hampton Home Renovation: The objective of the new design was it bring back character and create additional amenities for a growing family. And a sub-tropical relaxation zone poolside with the re-creation of an existing shed into a poolside pavilion. Other works included adding character back to the main living areas of the home and expanding the first floor. With a much better main bedroom, ensuite and parents retreat, and additional bedroom and near the secondary living area.

It’s Time To Consider Hampton architects Brisbane

Outside our landscape service perfectly compliments the exterior and interior design. And this is significant, because Hampton architects Brisbane homes should have great connection between the internal and external spaces. This is now a design that is built to take advantage of our sub-tropical climate. You will be able to move effortlessly between both spaces, enjoying the best of both worlds.

If you want a stunning Brisbane Hamptons style home, there really is only one choice. Our experience and design skill will produce the home of your dreams without the issues that you might otherwise have faced. The time to call  Hampton architects Brisbane is now. Let us the Hampton architects Brisbane help design the perfect Brisbane Hamptons style home for your needs.

dion seminara architects are Hampton architects Brisbane. We’re here to help you make the most of your Queenslander renovation. Get in touch today.

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