Green star interiors – showing the benefits

Green star interiors – showing the benefits

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Most people would agree that sustainable building practices make good sense, particularly given the world’s growing population placing a greater strain on natural resources. But did you also know that sustainable building practices also offer significant health, education and productivity benefits? The new Green Star Interiors rating tool has been launched in order to help people experience healthy, comfortable and therefore more productive indoor environments.


Well according to the Green Building Council of Australia this is certainly the case when it comes to commercial properties that have embraced green building principles in their interior fit-outs.

Beyond the office, the evidence is clear that green building principles, when integrated into building interiors in schools, hospitals and retail centres, deliver massive health and productivity benefits.

A focus on good lighting and ventilation in education facilities has been found to deliver a 15 percent increase in student learning, a 25 percent increase in student test scores and a 41.5 percent improvement in student and teacher health.

Similarly, a range of international studies has confirmed that green healthcare facilities provide better patient care and reduce the length of stay required in hospital. One study found a 41 percent reduction in the average length of stay for patients in sunlit rooms over patients in dull rooms.

Based on these statistics it’s plain to see the benefits that going green in building design offers, but why limit it to offices, hospitals, schools and other commercial buildings when people are beginning to spend more and more time at home?

Eco-building practices can also offer significant health and wellbeing benefits in the home environment as well. Well designed homes that offer greater levels of natural light and fresh air-flow are not only healthier and more comfortable, they are also cheaper to run which is a good thing given the rising costs of electricity.