How to transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary

How to transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary

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red hill home renovationYou might consider your home to be beautiful – and it quite possibly is – but is it spectacular? Does it rise above the other properties in your street? Is there something about it that makes it more extraordinary than the rest? Well if you’re looking for something that will take your home from ordinary to extraordinary then here are a few pointers, plus a little list of items at the end that can really transform your home into the property of everyone’s dreams.

Lifestyle design

Your home can never be considered extraordinary if it hasn’t been architecturally designed with your lifestyle and liveability in mind.

Now you might be thinking ‘Well of course an architect would say that’, but ask yourself this – If it hasn’t been architecturally designed with liveability, aesthetics and functionality in mind, then isn’t it an ordinary home at best?

The right architect looks beyond the home itself and focuses on the lifestyle goals of the occupants. Beautifully designed spaces blend together to create a comfort and ease of living that ordinary homes cannot achieve. These are compromise free homes that are tailored to the needs of the owner. Visually spectacular yet wonderfully practical at the same time.

Complimenting the natural setting

Most homes have at least one appealing natural aspect, either contained within the boundary of the property or able to be seen from the property itself. A well-designed home takes full advantage of its setting, drawing the eye to desirable features whilst discretely blocking out anything that doesn’t add to the visual value of the home.

It also takes advantage of the local climate capturing cooling summer breezes whilst making the most of the lower winter sun.

Design is crucial in all of this. You cannot take a home from ordinary to extraordinary without a great design that is carefully planned to maximise both visual appeal and liveability. But that’s quite broad so let’s touch on some specifics areas of your home that lend themselves to being extraordinary. Home theatres, cellars and games rooms are just some examples, but there are others that can really transform your home and set it apart:

Streetscape | From ordinary to extraordinary

First impressions count, and a stunning streetscape can elevate an average home to something far more memorable.

Swimming pool | From ordinary to extraordinary

Think five-star holiday resort and probably the first thing you think of is the swimming pool. Swim up bars, waterfalls, tropical landscaping, all these things and more are possible, transforming a swimming pool into the envy of all who visit your home.pool design from ordinary to extraordinary

Decks and Indoor/Outdoor rooms | From ordinary to extraordinary

Large decks with stunning views immediate elevate a home’s status, as do beautifully designed indoor/outdoor rooms with all the trappings. Design here is the key as it’s possible to create ordinary outdoor spaces that are attractive and functional. But with real architectural design skills these spaces can become memorable spaces that dramatically boost the value and appeal of your home.

Entry | From ordinary to extraordinary

Grand entrances stick in the mind and create a feeling of wonder among guests and owners alike. In two storey homes the staircase can become a dramatic feature but there are so many possibilities with this space that sets the tone for anyone entering your home.

Kitchen | From ordinary to extraordinary

Known as the heart or hub of the home, kitchens are often the most talked about space within a house. Butlers pantry’s, island benches, beautifully crafted cabinetry and quality appliances and fittings can make your home stand alone in the memories of all who visit.carina heights new luxury home design kitchen

If you’re wanting a home that is extraordinary, that is desirable and the envy of others then you need the best quality architectural advice. Whether renovating or building new, contact dion seminara architecture today and let us elevate your home design.

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