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Don’t suffer from years of design mistakes a moment longer! [December 2023 Update]

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If your home design doesn’t suit your lifestyle, then you’re not alone!

Plenty of people across Australia have been putting up with poorly designed homes for years, but you don’t need to suffer any longer.

There are 2 main reasons why home design mistakes occur.

The first is the fact that the floorplans of older homes don’t suit our modern lifestyles. Some of this is due to the shortage of materials and experienced builders after the war.

Homes built around this time tended to be quite basic. Plus, we know far more about home design principles today, than we did 70, 50, 30, or even 20 years ago!

So, it stands to reason that older homes will have design deficiencies – but plenty of new homes built today are just as poorly designed.

This leads to the second common reason – a lack of design knowledge or skill.

Rather than have skilled architects design their new homes or renovations, people often go-to builders who use draftspeople to create their home designs. Just because someone can build a home, doesn’t mean that they know the first thing about how to design one to suit your lifestyle.

So, what you end up with is a series of boxes under a roof that have been put together in a way that is easy to build – but not nice to live in.

This is true for both mass-produced, off-the-plan homes, as well as those homes that have been built from scratch. Unless your home has been designed by a skilled architect – the chances are that you are putting up with design defects that hinder your lifestyle.

Take a look at this example of a poorly designed floorplan. Can you spot the 7 mistakes?

Image of poorly design floorplan first level

First Level

Image of poorly designed floor plan second level

Second Level


Fixing the mistakes

Now take a look at the 7 mistakes of this floorplan:

Image of ways to improve poorly designed floorplan first level

First Level

Image of ways to improve poorly designed floorplan first level

Second Level

The good news is that you don’t need to keep putting up with a poorly designed home. We can fix the design mistakes that have been impacting your life.

Each home is different, so are the lifestyle needs of the individuals who live in the home. Therefore, each renovation design needs to be tailored from scratch.

Of the many mistakes we see the two that really stand out the most are floor plan issues, and a lack of passive design features.

Poorly designed homes lack balance between open/connected spaces and private, secluded areas. Typically, they are either too open, with no space to get away when you need to. Sometimes they lack enough connection and are not open enough.

Kitchens are sometimes isolated in older homes, and will oftentimes lack storage and bench space.

Rooms that have doors diagonally opposite, making furnishing them and passing through them an absolute nightmare.

This is without even getting into sightlines and wasted spaces!

There are few things worse than a home design that’s lacking in sustainability. If your home is hot in summer and cold in winter, then you’ll know what I mean.

These homes need the air-conditioners running CONSTANTLY throughout summer.

Open a window and that cold air escapes, creating a home with a lack of fresh air circulating.

A well-designed home fixes those issues – it can be naturally cooled in summer and warmed in winter. It takes advantage of natural light and air-flow, creating a healthy, happy home, that you’ll absolutely love living in!

Image of Hawthorne Queenslander renovation living room and kitchen

Hawthorne Queenslander renovation – A reorientated kitchen and reorganised living area maximised natural light and airflow. This also improved connection to the outdoor area, improving the space’s response to climate.

You can’t keep living like this

When you stop and think about it, you spend a massive portion of your life at home.

You don’t want to spend your time feeling uncomfortable and/or frustrated in a poorly design home. It’s even worse if you’re approaching retirement. Retired people typically spend even more time at home, do you really want to suffer through your retirement years in a home that works against you?

You deserve better than that. Life really is far too short to live with compromises!

In most cases, a renovation can completely transform your existing house into your dream home. Of course, if you’re building a new home, then it goes without saying that your home needs to be designed by a specialist. One with years of experience in creating bespoke home designs, creating homes that truly enhance the lifestyle of their owners.

Image of Carina Heights luxury new home outdoor dining area

Carina Heights new homeThis outdoor terrace was located in the optimal position for maximum light and natural airflow. The indoor kitchen and living areas were connected seamlessly to the outdoor area and pool. Shutters were included for sun protection and insect control.


A solution is just a phone call away

It’s time to put an end to suffering through a poorly designed home! All it takes is one phone call, and we can get started on creating design solutions that will transform your home from frustrating to fantastic.

You deserve a better life. Your new home design will be tailored to your exact needs, creating an environment that is immediately comfortable and comforting. It will be visually stunning and yet wonderfully practical.

Call us today and let us help create your perfect home design.

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