The difference between a house design and a home designed for you

The difference between a house design and a home designed for you

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People often debate about the difference between a house and a home, with many people arguing that a home is a home because of the people in it and the love that they feel for each other and I would agree with that. However, I also think that the skill of designing homes plays a huge role as well.

Designing houses

designing homes

A house is a collection of walls, windows, doors, ceilings, roofs and floors. There are furnishing and fixtures inside but they are essentially bland, basic boxes for humans to inhabit. They are the type of place where one exists rather than lives. These types of structures are commonly designed by building designers or even draftspeople.

The advantage of these buildings is they are easy to build. Builders love them because they are straightforward to put together. Quick to slap up meaning maximum profit for the builder; this is one of the main reasons why builders recommend building designers and draftspeople over architects.

The other advantage of basic house designs is they are easy to replicate. Mass produced homes, where there are a number of pre-designed styles to choose from, are just one example of this. The construction companies limit the number of designs and variations meaning they can produce cheap houses very quickly. Not that they are always cheap nor are they always constructed quickly. And they most certainly don’t ever perfectly suit the needs of the occupant.

Designing homes

A home on the other hand – from a design point of view – is far more customised. It’s built to suit the owner’s lifestyle. And this is a major difference; it’s designed to suit the lifestyle of those who are living in it, rather than the occupants needing to change their lifestyles based on the house.

When custom designing homes dion seminara architecture does so based on the true needs of the owner(s) taking the time to understand your lifestyle, what’s important to you both now and in the foreseeable future.

The design is then based on the outcomes that you desire. It’s customised to suit your interests, your needs and even your furniture and fixtures. Each aspect of it, whether it’s designing homes that are new or renovating existing homes, is carefully planned and considered. It’s not simply a matter of throwing a wall here and a door there. The planning that goes into designing homes is very involved.

But all this planning offers so many benefits. It can give you the scope to build or renovate in stages as your budget allows. And because it’s designed with staging in mind any future additions don’t look like tacked-on afterthoughts.

A home designed by dion seminara architecture considers your block of land, the best and worst aspects. It is designed with sustainability and low running costs in mind. Our designs allow you to cool your home naturally on days where the bland house designs need to crank up their air-conditioners just to survive.

Of course, a home that has had this much planning go into will cost more than a simple, basic house. But it is also worth so much more, not only in terms of your lifestyle but in how much it grows in value as an asset.

Life’s too short to live with compromises and the last thing anyone wants to do is invest significant sums of money into something that isn’t growing in value as fast as it should be. So don’t get a building designer to build you a home. Come to one of Brisbane’s leading architects, a specialist in designing homes and have us create a home that truly suits your lifestyle needs.

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