Designing outdoor areas where memories can be made

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Designing outdoor areas where memories can be made

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If you asked me what I most loved about being a Brisbane home design specialist, I would say it’s the ability to design stunning outdoor spaces. Brisbane has a wonderful, sub-tropical climate that perfectly suits an outdoor lifestyle. And outdoor spaces are the perfect place to create wonderful, lifelong memories.

Ask most adults about their memories of visiting their grandparents, and I can guarantee that plenty of the stories will revolve around the backyard. Perhaps your own do as well?

Backyards are the perfect place for entertaining with friends and family. But to get the most out of this space, you need a well-designed outdoor area. Which is why coming to a Brisbane building design specialist like us makes so much sense.

Designing outdoor areas that suit your needs

The perfect outdoor area design focuses on the needs of the people who will be using it. At the top of that list are you and your family. But what if you’re retired and your family now live in their own homes?

Well, it still needs to be designed with your interests in mind. You’re the one who has to live there. But regardless of whether you have a young family, or you’re retired or somewhere in between, the design of your outdoor areas needs to be done with functionality in mind.

So, ask yourself – who else is likely to use this space? And what do they want to do in that space?

For example, older people will most likely want a comfortable space to sit and talk, think lounge and dining areas. Whereas younger kids want a space where they can jump, climb, swing, swim, and play. If you’re entertaining in this space, you will no doubt want to be able to cook, drink and dine. Ideally, your entertaining area will overlook your swimming pool to allow parents to keep an eye on their children.

image of hawthorne queenslander renovation outdoor area and pool

Hawthorne Queenslander Renovation – With beautifully connected indoor and outdoor spaces, our clients can easily and comfortably watch over their grandchildren in the swimming pool. This gorgeous outdoor area suits the whole family.


As Brisbane home design specialists, we know how to create stunning outdoor spaces. But to create the perfect design for your outdoor area, we must get a good understanding of the who, what, when, where and how. Only then can we create stunning results that suit your lifestyle needs.

So, about that cooking, drinking, and dining …

You are almost certainly going to want to cook in your outdoor entertaining area. But the type and frequency of your cooking will play a part in the design of this space.

There are so many options available, from a built-in BBQ to a kitchenette to a full-blown outdoor kitchen, you are limited only by your budget and your imagination.

Keep in mind, we’re talking about a space to create memories. It’s important that you are in those memories and not stuck inside away from the stories, jokes, and laughter. Having easy access to the main kitchen inside your home is hugely advantageous. It means you don’t have to duplicate everything that’s in your internal kitchen into your external cooking space.

Things like pizza ovens have become hugely popular additions to outdoor cooking areas. But if you want to get really creative, how about something like a teppanyaki bar? If you’re entertaining a lot of people warming drawers might be useful. If you have the space, the budget, and the want, then your outdoor kitchen can be as extravagant as you like. And this is where working with one of Brisbane’s leading outdoor entertainment architects is such an advantage. We can design the perfect outdoor entertaining space for you and your guests.

image of ascot post war home renovation outdoor dining area and swimming pool

Ascot Post-War Home Renovation – Modern and stylish, this outdoor area includes a full outdoor kitchen, dining area, and dipping pool, perfectly secluded from the main house so our clients can disconnect and embrace our beautiful climate.


Sorry, I almost forgot your drink

Of course, most Brisbane outdoor area designs would consider a space to enjoy a couple of drinks. Again, this can be anything from modest to spectacular, depending on your needs.

A simple refrigerator built into your outdoor area might suffice, or you might want to build an entire bar. If you enjoy a drink, and you have the space and the budget, how about a pool with a swim up bar?

Keep in mind that simply ‘adding a bar’ is not going to cut it. The placement and design need to be well thought out. By working with a specialist Brisbane architect firm like dion seminara architecture, you know that the design of your bar, BBQ, outdoor kitchen, or any other element, will work perfectly with your home, your budget, and your lifestyle.

image of camp hill renovation and addition outdoor dining are and kitchen

Camp Hill Renovation and Addition – Simple yet sophisticated. This simple outdoor kitchen addition works perfectly for our clients who can entertain their family and guests. A small fridge keeps the drinks cool for the adults, and the soda cool for the kids! Seamlessly connected to the indoor kitchen, entertaining has never been so easy.


A space to make great memories not bad ones

You can’t make great memories in an uncomfortable space. Your outdoor space has to suit your needs and blend in seamlessly with your home. But it also has to be comfortable.

It must be well ventilated. It can’t be a space that gets too hot in summer. Ceiling fans can help on extreme days but coming to a Brisbane building design specialist like dion seminara architecture helps. We can create a design that takes advantage of the natural airflow across your property. But you need to be able to control that airflow if the wind picks up or on cold winters evenings.

Your outdoor spaces should offer a great balance between direct sunlight and shaded areas. Sunlight is healthy, but in moderate doses.

Another major consideration is space. Plenty of people make the mistake of putting in too much furniture, only to find it’s now crowded and hard to move around. This is where our interior design service comes into play. Now, you might be wondering what a Brisbane interior design service has to do with your outdoor area? But this is exactly what you need it for. We can help you plan the right furniture to go into your outdoor space. This will allow us to create a bespoke architectural design that works perfectly with the furniture that you intend to add. Our design will also allow for how people will move through that space. By doing this we will create a beautifully comfortable design where people will love to come to relax.

image of north lakes outdoor dining area and pool renovation

North Lakes Pool and Entertainment Area Renovation – Originally a bland project home, this architectural designed outdoor area adds a touch of class and style to the original design. With excellent ventilation, ceiling fans and gorgeously appointed outdoor furniture, this outdoor area gives our climates the ultimate outdoor experience.


How about some entertainment?

I thought you’d never ask.

Whilst memories of sitting, talking, eating, drinking, and laughing are great, so too are memories of the things that you did in those spaces. And when it comes to entertainment, the sky is the limit.

Swimming pools, when well designed and landscaped, offer great visual appeal to a yard. If you have children or grandchildren, they will love splashing about in the warmer months.

Televisions and speakers can be mounted in undercover areas, but it’s important to ask yourself if you want a space where everyone is focused on the TV, or one where people are focused on each other?

Going back to the kids for a moment, much will depend on the amount of space you have along with your budget. But there are plenty of options when it comes to kids’ outdoor entertainment starting with the more common things like a trampoline, basketball hoop, swing set, slide, sandpit, and cubby house. But these are just the beginning. What about an obstacle course? It could be basic for the little ones, or something like a Ninja Warrior course for older kids. How about a climbing wall or a zipline or a few mini-golf holes? Or go a bit retro and have a space dedicated to games like croquet or quoits? There are plenty of options.

image of yatala outdoor area renovation

Yatala Outdoor Entertainment Area – A comfortable space to relax in or socialise with your guests. With a television for entertainment and a cozy fireplace, can you think of a better place for a movie night?


So, when are we getting started?

There are so many possibilities to explore. All you need to do to get started is get in touch. This is your opportunity to have Brisbane’s leading outdoor entertainment architects design the ultimate outdoor entertaining area for your home. Start the process of creating the perfect lifelong memories for you, your family and your friends.

We can either design you a custom outdoor area solution or take advantage of our Ready-To-Go outdoor area plans, where you can purchase proven design solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your current residential home.

We have capacity to take on a small number of new projects.

Contact us now and let’s get yours underway.


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