10 Oct 2016

Designing a home for entertaining in Brisbane

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clayfield home renovation designing a home for entertainingThink of the most memorable homes you’ve ever seen and it’s almost certain that each of them had a heavy focus on entertainment. And that’s because homes designed with entertainment in mind are almost always very memorable.

So how do you go about designing a home for entertaining? Well, there’s a lot that goes into it but here are some of the important considerations.

Designing a home for entertaining inside and out

Some homes have great indoor entertaining spaces, others have great outdoor entertaining spaces but the best entertaining homes typically have both. Sure they might lean more one way than the other but the best-designed homes have both covered. And more often than not they have an excellent connection between both spaces.

Indoor/outdoor rooms are now commonplace allowing you to entertain in all types of weather. How formal your entertaining spaces are depends on the type of entertaining you like to do. The very best designs will suit your preferences and your lifestyle and will give you the flexibility to entertain in a variety of ways to suit a variety of gatherings and celebrations.

Large groups need large openings

Poorly design entertaining spaces are those where you find it hard to move around. Whether you’re trying to refresh your drink, get across to someone that you want to talk to or even just make it to the bathroom, it’s important that you can move around with ease.

This is particularly important with connected spaces like indoor/outdoor rooms or living/entertaining areas that open up on large decks or other outdoor spaces. Narrow openings create frustrating bottlenecks that are a real party killer. Openings should be large and the larger the crowd the larger the openings need to be. A skilled architect understands movement patterns and preferences and will be able to create designs that allow for a comfortable flow of people that avoids points of frustration.

Take advantage of views

If you’ve got it flaunt it if you don’t then hide it. That advice is normally good when choosing clothes but it works equally as well when discussing the views from your entertaining spaces.

If you have city glimpses you’ll almost certainly want to highlight and frame these to maximise their visual appeal. However, it doesn’t have to be lights, gardens, swimming pools and other forms of landscaping can also be stunning. Great designs will show off the best views and hide anything that’s less desirable – think neighbour’s clotheslines for example.

Levels of connection

We’ve spoken of the benefits of connection between indoor and outdoor spaces but within each of those spaces there is another type connection that needs to be considered and that is the zones within the zones.

To understand what I mean picture you’re at a large party. There is the main group or groups that are laughing and talking loudly. This is the heartbeat of the party. Now picture that you would like to have a slightly more private conversation with someone else at the party; I’m not talking of the quiet, intimate type of conversation, just one where you still feel connected to the main throng, but you’re able to hold a conversation without raising your voice.

Really well designed entertaining spaces create zones where this type of conversation is possible without you feeling removed from the overall party as a whole.

Create points of gravity

A well designed entertaining space creates gathering points that not only draw people in but make them want to stay. These spaces allow you to create areas around them where people can move more freely. They also help to showcase any views that you might like to highlight.

So how do you create these areas of gravity that pull people in? Well, structures are normally a good start. These spaces will need to have seating or areas where people can lean – the more comfortable people are the longer they will stay.

Spaces like bars, fire pits, fireplaces and even large tables can work. The key is to make these spaces visible, make them fairly central and keep the space around them clear. People will leave the empty spaces and move towards the furniture and features.

Of course, these are just a few points. If you want to create the ultimate entertainment home, or even if you just want an entertainment area that works and perfectly suits your needs call dion seminara architecture today.

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