Creating magnetic entertaining spaces

Creating magnetic entertaining spaces

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Brisbane architect renovationHave you ever noticed how particular spaces within a home tend to attract people? How people seem to be immediately drawn to certain areas as if some mysterious magnetic force was pulling people into this space?

One of the most intriguing is the magnetism of a kitchen island bench. You would hardly say that a kitchen is an exciting room, yet people congregate around an island bench as if it was prime seating at a sold out concert. This phenomenon is further enhanced if the same island bench has stools or other forms of seating available.

But it’s not only kitchen benches where this phenomenon occurs. BBQ’s are another example of a space that people tend to gravitate towards. This can occur even if nothing is being cooked.

A bar, particularly one with bar stools will draw people in, as too will a deck providing it offers a comfortable temperature. Kitchens are another space that people tend to gather in. Even if no seating is available people will simply lean against the kitchen bench.

Using magnetic spaces to your advantage:

So understanding that certain spaces attract people, how can you use this to your advantage when designing your home, or renovation?

The major benefit of understanding this phenomenon is that it allows you to control where people gather inside and outside your home. When used in the design of your home, you can effectively get people to gather where you want them to, whilst keeping them away from those spaces that you want to keep clear.

For example, if you want to keep clear access from your kitchen to an outdoor setting on your deck, by correctly positioning an outdoor bar slightly away from this area you can avoid the need to carry plates and platters of food through mingling crowds.

But whilst this is great in theory, it requires the right execution in order for it to actually work. The example of the outdoor bar only works providing it is positioned correctly. It needs to be out of the way but not isolated. The space still needs to have a connection to your outdoor setting, or people will avoid this area and start to gravitate back towards your high traffic areas. Ideally, your outside bar will have a pleasant outlook, with cooling breezes in the summer.

Also keep in mind that if you or your guests have children, then the space that you want people to gravitate towards should have clear, unobstructed views of areas where the children will be playing. That’s not to say that you want to be too close to the noise of the children at play, simply that yourself or your guests need to be able to see that they are safe and not up to mischief.

Of course, spaces inside the home can also be created that will draw people in. As mentioned a fireplace will attract people, but this is not always practical and is certainly less common these days. But other areas can work just as well. Breakfast bars that give a clear view into the living areas, back deck and/or yard will attract people. Pool tables also tend to have people milling around them.

Large screen televisions that are placed in communal areas will typically attract people, even if the television is not on. The crucial ingredient here, however, is seating that allows for interaction with other people, such as those that may be in the kitchen. Even dining tables, placed in bright, well-lit areas that allow for easy conversations with people moving around will be popular.

As I mentioned these are only the basics. If you would like to know more about creating popular entertaining spaces in your new home or renovation then give me a call, I will be only too happy to give you a consultation.

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