Commonsense must take over from regulation

Commonsense must take over from regulation

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Laws that were introduced to, in part, help battle future water shortages are set to be scrapped by the new state government.

LAWS mandating the installation of rainwater tanks on all new homes built across Queensland will soon be scrapped by the Newman Government.

Housing Minister Tim Mander, announcing the decision on Friday, said the move could potentially save homeowners more than $5000.

The law was introduced by the former Labor government as the state battled a 10-year drought.

A number of people I have spoken to are concerned by this move, pointing to the fact that severe droughts will occur again at some point in the future. Of course droughts will occur again, perhaps quite soon, but the argument then becomes one of – Should people be forced to install rainwater tanks and energy saving devices (which are also part of the soon to be scrapped laws) by law, or should people be allowed to make up their own minds and use some common sense?

I personally can see both sides of the argument and regardless of my own personal opinions I can’t change the mind of government. But common sense dictates that people should still install these sustainable devices of their own volition.

The cost of water is high and I can only see it get more expensive. Therefore rainwater tanks, whilst a reasonable investment initially, will save you money over time. And rainwater tanks of today can be quite long lasting making them a great investment.

As for power saving devices, well given the skyrocketing cost of electricity, it pays to save money anywhere you can.

So whilst the removal of these laws may be negative, it is my hope that as individuals we can all make the right choices without being forced to. Whether or not this will happen remains to be seen.

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