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Choosing A Brisbane Architect To Create A ‘Super House’

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Occasionally you might hear architects refer to a home as being a ‘super house’, something more than an ordinary home. The definition of what might make a house ‘super’ is often in the eye of the beholder. But there are characteristics/elements that these homes would share. Our residential architect designs contain many of the elements that you would find in a ‘super house’. Particularly when it comes to our forever home designs. We are a leading Brisbane architect in this field.

Size Doesn’t Matter When Designing A Super House, Except To The Extent That It Does

The term ‘super house’ can conjure visions of sprawling, palatial style homes, but size isn’t the determining factor. In fact, there are tiny homes that fit the description. This is because when it comes to ‘super homes’ design trumps size.

But it should go without saying, that the size of the home is relevant in terms of the lifestyles of those who reside in it and the function they need it to perform. A tiny home isn’t going to suit those who like to entertain large groups. A mansion probably isn’t going to suit a couple who want to live a quiet lifestyle where they want to keep to themselves. A ‘super house’ doesn’t have to be a massive structure, but it does need to be suitable dimensions for its purpose.


So, If It’s Not The Size That Makes A ‘Super House’, Then What Is It?

It’s not easy to define exactly what a ‘super house’ is. Ask any Brisbane architect and they’ll likely give you a slightly different answer to the one you asked before them. That’s because the definition is often dependent on the tastes of the person experiencing the home.

So, rather than try to give it a ‘set in stone’ definition, I will instead tell you the elements that I believe make a house ‘super’.

A Super House Creates A Positive Emotion

Beautiful homes evoke a response. It’s not always obvious why, but the spaces and the home as a whole create a positive emotional response. These responses may be that we feel relaxed, comfortable, loved, energies, hopeful, but essentially the foundation is always around safety and security. These homes allow you to be you.

You don’t feel like you’re being judged or need to be someone that you’re not. Instead, you are comfortable to be you and feel accepted for who you are. A ’super house’ is a place that you’re excited to come home to. There is an immediate emotional attachment to the house and the spaces within.



Great design can take you away. It can give you a feeling that you’re safe from the outside world. This is important in an urban setting.

The home can remove you from the hustle and bustle. You find yourself instead in a place of calm tranquillity. Here you can sit in privacy, possibly observing the outside world, but arm’s length from it.

These spaces can have a feeling of time standing still, or at the very least moving more slowly. At the end of a busy week, it’s the place where you go to catch your breath, to feel your shoulders drop and the tension in your chest subside. These spaces create a feeling of a long, slow exhale following a deep, lung filling breathe.

From a design point of view the home feels ‘connected’. There is a clarity to the design. The home has a unique personality, that responds in a deep and positive way that is relevant to the needs to the client and forms around the context of the original brief.


The Super House Is Sustainable And Comfortable

A ‘super house’ is a comfortable house, that is ideally inexpensive to run. Hot, stuffy homes, or cold homes are uninviting, they’re spaces you can’t wait to get away from. So sustainable design is vital.

You don’t want to feel that you must turn on artificial cooling or heating, that in turn forces you to close you house up. Yes, sure there are times where the weather is extreme and you will need/want to close the interior off from the elements, but at all other times your home should be climatically comfortable through the brilliance of the design elements of the building itself. Great design leads to healthier homes.

These are homes that allow fresh air to circulate and natural light to enter the home. They make you feel alive, whilst literally improving your physical and mental health. Not every Brisbane architect excels in this type of design. But dion seminara architecture are a leader in sustainable, eco home house design.


We understand that great climatic design should give you spaces to enjoy in varying weather conditions. A space that might be perfect on a sunny day with a light breeze, might be less desirable on a day with strong winds or a storm. Spaces can be designed to be functional in a range of different climate situations. However, you can often maximise the true potential of the exterior of a home by creating spaces that you can move into and use. When other spaces are less than ideal due to the prevailing weather on that day.

Natural light is an important design consideration. Light is about more than simply illumination. Light can create desirable highlights or contrasts.

Filtered through horizontal or vertical gaps it can create visual intrigue and expression that raises the interior of the home to a whole new level. Great design not only understands how to use natural light. But it also understands where it is appropriate to direct it, and how it will move throughout the day so that it’s always creating a sense of wonder and excitement. Drawing out emotions and creating a unique connection between the building and the occupant.


The Super House Is At One With Nature

Too often I see houses that don’t consider the block and its surroundings. You need to find a Brisbane architect that understands how to create a home that brings out the best of your surroundings.

The land, the space, helps to evolve the house. The natural elements point toward shapes and spaces that blend and co-exist with the environment. Many sculptors talk about how the stone almost ‘speaks’ to them. The material itself reveals to the sculptor the shape and form it is destined to become. Great architecture is often like this as well.

It’s a matter of being able to ‘hear’ what the environment is telling you and then designing in such a way that the home responds to that message, whilst perfectly meeting the client’s design brief.


The Right Brisbane Architect Will Create An Adaptable Super Home Design

Our lives change as the years go by. For some, this will be children going from infants, to toddlers, through to teenagers and then leaving home. Over time our interests may change, as might our priorities. Perhaps we now spend more time working from home. Eventually we may find that we’re just not as mobile as we once were.

A great house design has the ability to adapt to our changing needs. Yes, there may need to be some renovations along the way, but the bones of the home are designed to accommodate this change. This is particularly relevant when it comes to creating a forever home.

If you intend to spend many years in the same home, then having a home that can be easily and cost effectively adapted to your changing circumstances is a must. Super houses tend to have an inbuilt adaptability. At dion seminara architecture we make sure ours do.



A ‘Super House’ Has That Something Extra

We’ve already established that a ‘super house’ doesn’t need to be grand in size. But it will feature something or things that sets it apart from the rest.

These are homes that you are drawn to. If you visit one you immediately feel at ease, like you never want to leave. Visually they make a statement.

But this isn’t always in the form that you might expect. Plain concrete walls may seem unremarkable, yet add the right artwork, with the right placement and suddenly the plainness of the concrete is the thing that draws the eye to the art itself. Lines, forms and shapes combine to make a space that’s comforting yet contains an element of mystery and intrigue.

It’s the combination of elements that makes a ‘super house’. The way it just works with its surroundings, the level of comfort, the unwavering attention to detail. A ‘super house’ is always a bespoke design. And no two will be the same. To copy the design of one and simply replicate it somewhere else is not a guaranteed recipe for success. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.


So, how does one end up with a ‘super house’? It starts with finding the right Brisbane architect. There are plenty of good architects around, but for the best result you need to be working with a Brisbane architect experienced in creating ‘super house’ designs. Fortunately for you you’ve already found us.

To get the ultimate design for your ‘super house’ you simply need to contact us. Ideally today, before the distractions of life get in the way. We’re waiting to help make your dreams a reality. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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