Two Storey Renovation – Indooroopilly: Case Study

Two Storey Renovation – Indooroopilly: Case Study

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indooroopilly home renovation yardCase Study: Two Storey Renovation – Indooroopilly

The Project: The home is a 1960’s low-set brick and weatherboard bungalow that had a second storey added in the 1970’s.

The owners who are approaching their retirement wanted the home updated to have a more modern look with uncluttered spaces that were more open and inviting.

Our goal then was to create a home that was a blend of contemporary elegance and old-style charm.

To achieve this we have blended modern materials with the existing exterior cladding giving the home a unique and wonderfully edgy façade. Expressed steel has been cleverly used along with aluminium panels giving the home a very contemporary appearance whilst enhancing its already subtropical characteristics.

The previous ground level, which had been the main part of the home, has now become the first floor with an extra bedroom and living area added. This area is stunning with an Australian outback feel blending with a subtle Asian flavour. The two styles come together beautifully with a combination of veneer panelling, timber battening and large semi opaque sliding doors creating a truly magnificent effect.

But as beautiful as this space is, it is perhaps trumped by the gorgeous new ground floor level.

Here the goal was to create a flexible area that could be closed up and used as individual spaces in the cooler months, but with the option of opening the entire space up to the backyard during the warmer months, creating a truly inviting area that you never want to leave. This effect has been achieved through the use of a series of sliding doors that allow a variety of options depending on the weather and intended use of the space.

Low running costs are always important in our designs and careful thought needed to be given to allow the owners a space where they could escape the heat of summer, particularly with a view to their later years.

By using a combination of external shutters, venetian blinds and overhangs the interior is perfectly shaded in summer whilst still making the most of any cooling summer breezes that may be present on all but the warmest of days. The amount of light entering the home can be easily controlled by the external shutters whilst lourved windows allow the flow of air to be regulated to a point that artificial heating or cooling is seldom needed.

The overall effect is nothing short of stunning. The home is now modern yet elegant in a renovation that has taken away none of the homes past charm. It is now more open with wonderful spaces that are truly inviting. As a home for retirement, it is simply perfect. Contact us via our contact form or by phoning 07 3899 9450.

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