How your built environment will ensure a stress free family celebration

How your built environment will ensure a stress free family celebration

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stress free family celebration

Well it’s that time of the year again. Things are hectic. School’s finishing up, there are end of year concerts, Christmas parties, late night shopping and the endless string of work and social parties.

It’s an exciting time of the year to entertain from home, but for many people this can be stressful. So, we thought we would give you a few tips to try to help make entertaining from home easier. Whether you’re hosting Christmas lunch or simply having friends and family over during the holiday period I’m sure you’ll find this useful.

Another thing you’re sure to find useful is the special offer that we have for you, but more on that in a moment.

How your built environment will ensure a stress free family celebration

So, let’s get straight into it. If you’re hosting an event these holidays then there are several things you need to consider…

Indoor/Outdoor Options | Stress Free Family Celebrationindoor outdoor room design open shutters carina heights new luxury home design

Let’s face it not every home is set up for entertaining. If your home isn’t then you need to call us TODAY. Sure, we can’t renovate your home between now and Christmas, but we can get started on your plans to make sure your home is pristine and ready for the 2019 holiday period.

But forgive me I digress …

The weather this time of year can be hugely unpredictable. The main extremes you might have to deal with are rain/storms, or excessive heat or maybe even both! Either of these can quickly throw a spanner in the works particularly if you are planning on hosting outside.

Marquees are an option, however a bit of rearranging inside – even if it’s a ‘just in case’ plan at this stage – can save the day. Of course if you have an indoor/outdoor room designed by us then you’re most likely completely covered regardless of what the weather throws at you.

It’s all about the lights | Stress Free Family Celebration

Parties, lunches and particularly Christmas, are all about the lights.

Lights create the mood and set the scene. If you want a quiet, intimate affair, then subtle lighting is effective. Alternatively, if you want a loud, vibrant party, then starting off with brightly lit spaces will lift people’s spirits and get them interacting.

Candles can be a wonderful mood setter. They bring a certain, nostalgic, romantic feel to the holiday season, creating a close, loving feel. Scented candles can be used to great effect, but just be sure not to have anything too overpowering in confined spaces or near where people are eating. The aroma of the food should be the main ingredient in the scent stakes.

If you’re hosting during the day time then lots of natural light is great, but make sure it’s diffused by curtains and be mindful to not sit anyone directly in the sunlight. It can be hard to enjoy a meal while you’re sweating and feeling faint.

Or is it all about the tree? | Stress Free Family Celebration

If you’re hosting a Christmas event then the tree is all important.

Of course you might not have a traditional Christmas tree – alternatives are becoming very popular – however it is perhaps, along with Santa Claus, the most recognisable symbol of Christmas. If children are attending then they will automatically be drawn to the tree to see what magical gifts await.

But it’s also a focal point for adults as well. Those of us with a few Christmas’s under our belts appreciate the memories that a Christmas tree brings and maintaining that hint of tradition in a rapidly changing world.

Make it colourful | Stress Free Family Celebration

This is a time of celebration, so colour is important. But you need to be careful to not over do it. When hosting an elegant Christmas party you want to decorate the relevant interior and exterior spaces within your home in a way that compliments your existing colour scheme. This means choosing decorations whose colour palette suits your existing architecture and themes.

When it comes to the eating area, whether it be a formal dining room or an outdoor area you can give all the colour you need through the right selection of table cloths, napkins and table centre piece.

Seating | Stress Free Family Celebrationrenovation design red hill dining area from void

Of course you’re going to need to be able to seat your guests which, depending on how many people you’re catering for, can be a challenge in itself.

Given you probably will have more people than you normally do in your home then your options are to combine furniture – such as bringing outdoor tables inside to join with your indoor dining table. Or, if that’s not practical, you could consider hiring furniture for the day. It’s cheaper than buying furniture that you’re unlikely to use at other times of the year.

So there are a few tips to help make entertaining a little less stressful this summer. But obviously nothing beats having a home that is designed with entertaining in mind, which brings me back to that special I was talking about.

Summer Season Design Special

Given that you’re just about to go into the holiday period you’re probably noticing design issues with your home that you would ideally like fixed. And we’re giving you a chance to do just that.

All you need to do is shoot us an email through the form on this page: CONTACT US

Let us know a number that we can reach you on and a time that suits and we will give you a FREE 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your home project goals. This is your chance to get expert advice on your particular needs so your home can be looking stunning and ready for entertaining well before Christmas 2019.’