Building Green, Living Smart. Why Sustainable Architects Matter

Building Green, Living Smart. Why Sustainable Architects Matter


What is Sustainable Design?

Sustainable design, when it comes to architecture, means designing in a way that takes a holistic approach to creating homes which are good for nature, and great for the person living in them!

Sustainable design considerations can be found in all phases of the design process – from material choices, to the home’s layout, and many more factors.

In today’s world, we are seeing that sustainable design is becoming more important than ever due to growing concerns around climate change, and increased consumer awareness of the benefits offered by sustainable living.

In this blog we will be exploring sustainable design as a concept, and discussing the ways in which sustainable design can benefit you!


Building Green, Living Smart. Why Sustainable Architects Matter

Sustainable & Passive Home by dion seminara architecture


The Environmental Impact of Traditional Design Practices

The traditional process of creating new homes and renovations is, to put it simply, wasteful.

In Australia, the construction sector is responsible for 33% of total waste in our landfills – oftentimes a result of companies discarding of unused concrete, stone, and timber.

The environmental damage doesn’t stop during the construction phase though – residential buildings are responsible for 24% of Australia’s energy usage, as well as over 10% of our national carbon emissions.

Whilst it is certainly true that both construction, and energy usage, are a non negotiable part of our society – there are many measures which can be taken in order to achieve the same end result without the excessive damage to our environment.


Benefits of Sustainable Design in Residential Construction

There are countless benefits offered by sustainable design in the residential sector, however to keep things simple we will just focus on a few key areas.


Building Green, Living Smart. Why Sustainable Architects Matter

Sustainable & Passive Home by dion seminara architecture


Benefits of Sustainable Construction

Firstly – construction! As mentioned earlier, the residential construction sector has traditionally been a major cause of landfill in Australia, however lately we are seeing a shift.

As a result of improved recycling practices, and the development of innovative materials, we are starting to see select construction companies paving the way when it comes to sustainability.

Looking towards the future I remain optimistic that the combination of increasing awareness about the benefits of sustainable design, and the continued development of innovative materials, will lead to a more environmentally friendly future for the construction sector.


Benefits of Sustainable Home Design

The next key area of discussion is sustainable home design!

The benefits of sustainable home design for those who live in the house cannot be understated!

Sustainable home design uses factors such as orientation, insulation, and material choices to create a home which uses less energy, and reduces the carbon footprint of its occupants.

Additionally – sustainable home design offers occupants another benefit – lower running costs!

At dion seminara architecture, we are experts in sustainable home design. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of lower energy usage, and lowering your carbon footprint – contact us today!


Building Green, Living Smart. Why Sustainable Architects Matter

Sustainable & Passive Home by dion seminara architecture


Mental Health Benefits of Sustainable Home Design

Another beneficial element of sustainable design which cannot be underestimated is the mental health benefits.

Due to factors such as increased exposure to natural light, lowered reliance on air conditioning, and improved indoor air quality – there are many benefits offered to those who utilise sustainable design practices in their home!

Additionally, you can experience the mental health benefits that come with knowing you are minimising your carbon footprint, and living in a home which is friendly to the earth we live on.

To learn more about our sustainable & passive architectural services, you can contact us today!


Case Study – Sustainable & Passive New Home in Sherwood

One example of the amazing outcomes that sustainable design can offer is our sustainable & passive new home design in Sherwood.

When our client, David, came to dion seminara architecture – he had the vision of an incredibly environmentally friendly home which also suited his personal aesthetics.

We managed to achieve these goals for him – and were left with one happy client!

The home designed by dion seminara architecture for David featured a range of sustainable design choices, and was awarded an 8.7 Star NatHERS rating – an incredible improvement when compared to the minimum NatHERS rating of 6 stars!

If you want to learn more about our Sherwood Sustainable & Passive New Home Design click here.

If you want to learn more about how our sustainability focused approach to design can impact your home design, contact us today!


Building Green, Living Smart. Why Sustainable Architects Matter

Sustainable & Passive Home by dion seminara architecture


Summary – Why Does Sustainability Matter in Home Design?

In short – sustainable home designs are important as they benefit not just the home’s occupants, but also the environment.

By creating sustainable home designs, residents can be sure that their homes will be amazing to live in, and protect the earth.

Those living in sustainable homes will also experience the benefits of lower energy usage, amongst other things.

Want to learn how a sustainable home design can benefit you?

Contact dion seminara architecture today!

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