Brisbane pre-purchase architecture advice

Brisbane pre-purchase architecture advice

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Pre-purchase architecture adviceBuying a home is always a big decision, and choosing between a number of homes can be quite daunting – after all, it’s a lot of money if you make the wrong decision. But fortunately, our pre-purchase architectural advice makes choosing the right Brisbane property so much easier.

Your Lifestyle

Choosing a home that most suits your lifestyle is obviously a critical part of your purchasing decision. The suburbs that you choose to live in could be dictated by a number of things, such as where you work, catchment zones for local schools, access to public transport and infrastructure, etc.

But aside from the geographical impact, consider how your purchasing decision will impact your lifestyle. The home itself needs to suit the way you live as well.

Now that’s not to say that it needs to be perfect when you buy it, as most people end up renovating to some degree. But getting a home that is reasonably close to what you’re ultimately after is a good start.

Cost of Renovating

Knowing in advance how much it is going to cost to take the home from its current design to the one that you ultimately want to live in can certainly take a lot of the stress out of your decision making and this is where our pre-purchase architectural advice really comes into its own.

Thanks to our years of experience, we can give you a good indication of what it is likely to cost you to renovate a particular home to suit your needs, allowing you to more easily compare the suitability of one potential property over another. Armed with this knowledge you are then better placed to know whether or not a home is within your budget, or getting outside of the amount you wish to invest.

Priceless Advice

But it’s not just the potential cost of renovating that our pre-purchase architectural advice can assist you with. At dion seminara architecture we take the time to determine what our clients want, this, combined with our building knowledge and understanding of your lifestyle needs allows us to give you advice on whether or not we feel a property will be suitable, or if we feel there are potentially better opportunities elsewhere.

Ultimately the Brisbane property that you invest in is your decision, but by taking advantage of our pre-purchase advice service you’re certainly giving yourself the best possible chance of making the right choice.

Dion Seminara Architect


Hi, I am Dion Seminara, practicing architect and licensed general builder for 20 years as well as an environmental sustainable design (ESD) expert. I graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with honours, QLD in 1989. Registered as an architect in 1991 and registered as a builder in 1992, I am also a fellow member of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA). Having received 12 ArCHdes Residential Architecture Awards, LJ Hooker Flood Free Home Design Award and the 2016 AIA Regional Commendation for Public Architecture, my expertise with both residential renovation (to all types of houses, especially Queenslanders, 50s/60s/80s), new contemporary homes and luxury residences has earned me a reputation as one of Brisbane's architectural specialists in lifestyle design architecture, interior design and landscape design.