Brisbane architecture – lessons of the past mixed with the benefits of today

Brisbane architecture – lessons of the past mixed with the benefits of today

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brisbane architecture greenslopes queenslander verandahIf you’ve been reading my blog articles over the years you will know that I am a big fan of Brisbane architecture and in particular, Queenslander style homes. In case you are not familiar with why I love them so much, let me tell you why …

Just a few short decades ago very few homes in Queensland had air-conditioners. And yet despite the lack of air-conditioning and Queensland’s a sub-tropical climate, people living in Queensland were very comfortable on all but the very hottest and stillest days of the year.

So how did they manage that?

Well, they designed homes that took advantage of natural climatic conditions, using the prevailing breezes to cool their homes in summer and clever design features to warm their homes in winter. In short, the typical old style houses on stumps with their wide verandahs and large sunshades were a masterpiece of Queensland architecture.

The sun travels in a higher arc across the sky in summer than it does in winter. Wide verandahs take advantage of this to keep the sun off the walls and windows thus keeping the home cooler in summer. But just as importantly, the verandahs allow the lower winter sun to strike the walls and windows, warming the house naturally.

Older style Queensland homes also took advantage of natural breezes, often using shutters to great effect to channel the air through the home. Screens were used to keep insects out and the entire home gave its occupants great comfort.

Blending the old with the new

So the old Queenslander offered many advantages, particularly in terms of lower running costs for heating and cooling. The architectural design responded directly to the local climate using simple materials to create comfortable homes.

But imagine being able to take advantage of these same design benefits, but with the advantage of modern building materials and building techniques.

Brisbane Architecture

Modern Brisbane homes can sometimes appear to have lost their way, forgetting the lessons of the past. Our architects not only keep those past design ideas in mind, we successfully blend them into gorgeous, modern homes that offer high levels of comfort for minimal running costs.

Sure our concepts might not involve stumps and they might not look like a traditional Queenslander (although we have done many stunning Queenslander renovations), but they do take advantage of the many of the same principles that made the old Queenslander such a successful home.

So if you would like a home that takes full advantage of the gorgeous Queensland climate, whilst keeping running costs to a minimum, look no further than a sustainable design by dion seminara architecture.