27 Jun 2013

Brisbane architects born and bred

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Reading that headline you might half expect this to be a State of Origin style blog where any moment I would scream out QUEENSLANDER!!! But no, this is not an article about rugby, it is an article about Brisbane architects and why Brisbane architects have a different, more relevant, style to other architects throughout Australia.

You see a friend of mine recently returned to Queensland from a trip to Melbourne. He was discussing the architecture of the old city and how it compared to Brisbane and he asked me how challenging it was to adapt to designing homes in different states where styles, block sizes and climate might vary greatly.

He had raised an interesting point and one that I thought was worth writing about.

The reality is simply that it is easier to design homes in an area that you’re more familiar with, which for me being a born and bred Queenslander is Queensland.

I grew up with a mango tree in the backyard, mosquitoes in the evening and timber and tin homes. I learned to enjoy the cool ocean breezes that are prevalent in Brisbane and spent my early years in the Queensland building industry mastering the art of using our sub-tropical climate to the home owner’s advantage.

It is not uncommon for interstate architects – no matter how experienced in their own states – to struggle when designing homes in Queensland. Brisbane house designs need to appreciate our natural climatic conditions and our hot humid summers, but still respect that we do experience a winter, and any Brisbane home design must cater for this.

Often interstate architects, or even those who have been based in Brisbane for some time, fail to take full advantage of the local climate. And part of the reason for this is the changing seasons. The last few summers have been particularly wet, so an architect that is new to Brisbane may allow these conditions to greatly influence their home design.

However, being a local born and bred architect I understand that these conditions are the exception and not the rule and therefore my Brisbane home designs also cater for our drier spells where we can often live in extended drought conditions.

I have had over 3 decades of experience in designing homes in Southeast Queensland and I have a strong sense of what works for you the homeowner. Whether it’s a home you intend to live in for the next 20+ years or it’s an investment property that you are looking to maximise your return on, our local knowledge, skill and experience in designing Brisbane homes will ensure the success of your project.

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