Understanding The Value Of Architectural Design

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Not every homeowner will search ‘architects Brisbane’ before having someone design their new home or renovation. But every homeowner should.

Some homeowners will think that their project is too basic. That their home doesn’t warrant high-level design skills like ours at dion seminara architecture. But they would be wrong.

Any significant renovation or new build warrants getting the best possible design outcome. After all, you have to live in it. And, in the case of a forever home, you will be living with it for a very long time.

Homeowners may be concerned about the cost of engaging an architect. But this is simply because they don’t fully understand the value that an architect can bring. And in our case, that value extends to cost savings on the project itself, commonly exceeding our overall fees.

So, whilst not everyone will jump online and search for architects in Brisbane, every homeowner should.

The Moments: Understanding The Value Of Architectural Design

I’m not going to say I know the meaning of life, but I suspect that magical moments would be a big part of it.

Think back to your fondest memories, and as sure as night follows day, those memories will centre around magical moments. Perhaps they are moments spent with friends on a trip where you did nothing but laugh. Or maybe they’re memories of your children growing up and specific times that you spent together.

Perhaps it’s memories from your own childhood. Or maybe memories of gazing into the eyes of someone you love. For me, it’s all of these things.

It’s about people and environments that lead to memorable times. And not always major events. I think back to BBQs with friends or sharing a laugh over a meal.

It’s those little moments, many of which we may not fully appreciate at the time, that make life so beautiful. These memories are about relationships.

So, what role does architecture play in this? Well, a very significant one.

These moments seem to occur randomly, but they can be encouraged through design. Creating spaces that are joyful, relaxing, inspiring, and beautiful can help bring about these magical, memorable moments.

Poorly designed spaces lack atmosphere. They are not conducive to intimate, caring moments. Well-designed spaces bring people together.

Not in a cramped, uncomfortable way, but in a relaxed, carefree way. A space that’s well-designed allows people to come together and be themselves.

Memory-making spaces are not confined to entertaining areas. They can also be private, a place for you to escape with a good book, or a soak in a relaxing bath.

Those people who don’t search for architects Brisbane will not experience these spaces because the people who design their new homes or renovations don’t have the design skills that we have at dion seminara architecture.

Look Beyond And Find Someone With Real Design Skill

Designing homes seems simple enough on the surface. Placing a living room here a kitchen there, throw in a few bedrooms and you’re almost done. But, even if you were to get the floor plan basics right. Putting the right rooms in the right places is just the tip of a very big iceberg.

Zoom out for a moment and picture your street within the suburb where you live. On that street sits your block of land. On that block of land sits your house. Your house and land are a space that’s made up of smaller spaces, spaces such as your front yard, your backyard etc.

Your house itself contains spaces under the roofline of your home. How effectively your house works – i.e. becomes a ‘home’ – depends in part on the spatial relationships of these internal spaces and their connection to the external spaces on and around your block.

So, putting a room in the right spot is part of the battle, but now you need to consider a huge range of additional design factors:

  • What will you be doing in that room?
  • How many people are likely to be using that space at any one time?
  • How does the room need to connect to the spaces around it?
  • Will you need to shut the room off from other spaces at any stage?
  • Where will people enter the room?
  • Where will they exit?
  • How will they make their way through that room?
  • Will they be carrying anything – like plates, drinks, etc?
  • What furniture and fittings need to go into this space?
  • How much space do we need to allow for them?
  • Based on those questions (and dozens more), how large does the space need to be?
  • If that particular room is a certain size, how does that impact the rest of the home?
  • What’s an appropriate spatial relationship for this room?
  • What is an inappropriate relationship? (e.g. loud areas next to bedrooms)


I often speak to people who complain to me about the wasted space in their current homes (not ones that I designed, obviously). The trouble often centres are rooms or spaces that they seldom use, whilst spaces that they use frequently are cramped and cluttered. In almost every case, these people didn’t search architects Brisbane before choosing someone to design their home.

They either chose a builder and went with whichever building designer or drafts person they recommended, or they built ‘off the plan.’

So, looking at the list of questions above, how much time do you think the average building designer or drafts person would spend pondering those? And even if they did, would they know how to create a home design that perfectly suits the client’s needs? I think we all know the answer to those questions.

There’s A Reason Why People Choose To Work With An Architect

Of course, some people do search architects Brisbane and the lucky ones end up with dion seminara architecture. And not just because we are an award-winning architect but because we are talented when it comes to creating bespoke designs that perfectly suit our client’s needs.

Our systems ensure that we get an in-depth understanding of your needs before we even begin to create you design. The design then is crafted around those needs. Every aspect of the design is considered in painstaking detail.

This is not about quickly putting together a design that will be passable. We treat every project as if it were our own. We aim to create a home that will be filled with magical memories.

This is what you’re getting when you invest in a design from dion seminara architecture. Or, put another way, it’s what you’re missing out on if you don’t.

Understandably, most people don’t realise the value until after the fact. Unless they have lived with a poorly designed home, they don’t see the benefits until their new home or renovation is completed. But by the end of the project, they now have a full understanding of the benefits of great architectural design.

Everything just fits; it feels right. It’s a feeling of peace and tranquillity when you enter a space that’s been tailored to suit your needs. The home almost feels like it’s inviting you in, embracing you, letting you know that you’re safe, that you’re where you’re meant to be. This is the benefit of great architectural design.

Getting A Return On Your Investment

Those who have searched for architects in Brisbane at the very beginning of their project typically understand the value of great design. It repays you in terms of your quality of life. There is enough stress in the world today without having a poorly performing house to contend with.

A home designed by dion seminara architecture enhances your life. It also rewards you in terms of running costs. You see, we are one of the leading sustainable architects in Brisbane.

The homes we create achieve exceedingly high levels of comfort without you needing to run your air-conditioner all day. If you work from home, our designs will maximise your productivity and minimise the impact on the rest of the home.

We create forever homes that suit your needs both now any into the future. But if and when it does come time to sell, you’ll be offering a stunning home with excellent resale value.

The architectural design pays for itself over and over across the lifetime of your home. Yes, you need to invest in having us design your home. And no, we’re not as cheap as building designers or drafts people, and there’s a good reason for that.

It’s because we have spent years studying for our qualifications and then decades honing our design skills. But when it’s all said and done, you can quite often save money by having us create your design for you. Yes, you’ll initially pay more for the design, but our tender service alone can save you thousands over and above what you’ve invested with us.

Add to that the bespoke design, the low running cost and the excellent resale value and you can see how you’ll be coming out miles ahead. To get the best design for your home, don’t bother searching Architects Brisbane. Simply contact us today, and let us show you the true value an architect can add to your home.

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