Architects Brisbane: Adapting to a Changing Lifestyle

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Architects Brisbane: Adapting to a Changing Lifestyle

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The world is changing around us – and so is our city. As Brisbane-based architects, we’re always very attuned to the changes that are happening in our city, because every change in our community, can be a change in our lifestyles. And every change in our lifestyles can affect how we live in our homes.

So, what’s changed in 2021, and how will our Brisbane homes need to adapt to our changing lifestyles?

Architects Brisbane: Adapting to a Changing Lifestyle

Clearly 2020 and now 2021 have brought enormous changes to our doorsteps. Brisbane is still an incredible city to live in, but how we live and work has fundamentally altered. And that means that are homes must alter as well.

The Expanding Workspace

In today’s world many, many more people are working from home – or at least working from home part of the time. The time of the long business lunch or Friday after-work drinks are long gone! Now we’re focused on Zoom meetings and our Nespresso machines.

Working from home has meant that we now need more space dedicated to work in our homes. More people are looking for separate offices where we can have the space to work, have conference calls, and simply get the day-to-day jobs done with a modicum of privacy. Brisbane architects are now being requested to design home offices more and more frequently, and to incorporate that design into new homes, renovations and extensions.

Image of Worongary luxury new home office

Worongary luxury new home – A comfortable and spacious contemporary home office space with ample natural light.


Extra Privacy

Spending so much time at home, many people are looking for ways to increase their privacy. When you were out at work or school all day, it was less important. But now that so many of us are spending so much time in our homes, privacy is turning more and more to the front of our minds.

In Brisbane, we’re tremendously lucky to have great weather that lets us utilise all our indoor and outdoor spaces for much of the year. As Brisbane architects, we recommend to our clients that they utilise plantings, lattice enclosures, shutters, and privacy screens outdoors. Inside we recommend stylish shutters and switchable smart glass (a fantastic innovation!). In each case, these techniques will increase your privacy and livability in your Brisbane home.

Image of Carina Heights luxury new home outdoor area with privacy shutters

Carina Heights luxury new home – Complete privacy when you need it. This new home’s outdoor dining area and upstairs can be completely closed off when needed with privacy shutters.


An Environmental Approach

As we spend more and more time in our homes, our homes have to get better and better. And that means that an environmental approach is becoming the new normal.

As architects Brisbane we respond to the requirements of our clients by weaving into our housing designs concepts of nature, wellbeing and sustainability. This can include introducing natural light from windows and skylights and enhancing exterior views and access to nature.

In terms of sustainability, we are firmly focused on designing more energy-efficient homes as well, including utilising ‘passive design’ features that reduce your need to artificially heat or cool your home. We’re also busily creating infrastructure for solar arrays and making design adjustments for increasingly sophisticated eco-technology.

Image of Sherwood new home bright kitchen

8.7 energy star rated Sherwood sustainable new home – A new home built upon sustainable design principles, creating ample natural light and airflow to reduce running costs.


Multi-Use Areas

Brisbane homes need to be able to be used for more than just eating and sleeping. You might need space for at-home exercising. Or for your child’s music practice area. You might need several desks or a built-in bench set up in a space where you can work and oversee your child’s homework at the same time. And you might need a way to meld your indoor and outdoor spaces when you can’t get out and about otherwise.

Multi-use areas fit the bill. These areas are flexible, allowing for the many different demands of the people who live there, and can be designed to adapt as children and families grow and require different spaces.

Image of Red Hill renovated Queenslander multi-use office area

Red Hill Queenslander renovation – A perfect multi-purpose space for working at home, reading, or relaxing with an abundance of natural light and space for the whole family.


Quiet Spaces

Whether you’re looking to incorporate a classic ‘library’ room or a yoga and meditation space, Brisbanites are craving spaces that aren’t filled with clutter and noise. But you don’t have to have a huge home, or an extra room to have a quiet space. In fact, as architects Brisbane we often design these ‘quiet’ spaces into tricky or ‘leftover’ spaces and cleverly expand them with the use of skylights, internal courtyards and even indoor gardens.

Image of Toowong queenslander renovation luxury outdoor fireplace and garden

Multi-award-winning Toowong Queenslander renovation – Indoor fireplace and garden area creating a peaceful sanctuary and escape for our clients.


Uber Tech Homes

There’s no limit to the amount of technology that you can have in your home today. From automatic gates to one-touch security shutters, from programmable kitchen cupboards to thumbprint security control, tech can do it all. And smart technology means smart homes, often controllable from an easy-to-use smartphone app.

Image of Carina Heights luxury new home master bedroom

Carina Heights luxury new home – A master bedroom with a touch of tech, featuring a TV that lowers from the ceiling.


Architects Brisbane for Your Brisbane Home

At Dion Seminara Architecture we’re Brisbane architects and experts at designing the best of Brisbane homes. Our homes take into account not just the rooms and space you need, but how you intend to live in them, to ensure you get a home that works well for you and your lifestyle.

Give us a call. We’d love to have a chat about how to make your home more livable for you.

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