20 Feb 2017

4 things to understand before getting your home designed

Tips and Advice

1: Set your goals

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Great design outcomes as a result of having clear goals

It’s hard to get the perfect home design if you don’t know what you want. Setting goals is important in all areas of life, particularly when it comes to home design.

So it’s important to be as clear as possible about your goals before getting your home designed. That’s not to say you need to know the exact design you want, we’ll help you with that when we meet with you. But it certainly helps if you can be as clear as possible about what you want the outcome to be.

For example it might be that you want more storage space or a larger deck for entertaining. But those points alone are fairly vague. You need to be as specific as possible. For instance if you do want a large deck, how many people do you want it to cater for? Typically what time of the day/evening/night do you see it being used? What time of the year, as weather might be a factor in determining how this area needs to be designed.

Writing down you goals before we meet is an excellent start to getting the home design outcome you want.

2: There is more than one way to achieve an outcome

There is almost always more than one way to achieve your ideal outcome.

How your goals are achieved is not as important as your goals themselves, so don’t get too wrapped up in the fine detail.

For example if your goal is to have a new outdoor entertaining area does it matter if it’s an open deck or an indoor/outdoor room? As your architect we will ask you a series of questions to better understand your lifestyle and your overall goals. We’ll then make suggestions on ways to achieve your outcome that give you the best lifestyle value. Often you end up with something considerably better than you had originally wished for.

Be open to the fact that an experienced architect with real design skills will see potential problems with your suggestions, or exciting opportunities that you perhaps have not considered. It’s excellent that you have clear goals. Now use our architectural skills to bring those goals to life.

3: Designing it is one thing, actually building it is something else

cashmere pool pavilion renovation pool view

Our detailed designs make building your project so much easier.

I am going to let you in on a little secret – not every architect or building designer truly understands construction.

The lack of actual construction experience many architects and building designers have can pose a significant problem to your project.

You see it’s fine to create a design that looks great on paper, but if that design is difficult to build because your architect doesn’t understand the building side of the equation, then you can end up paying a lot more than you should. Problems with construction can result in time frames and budgets really blowing out.

Even worse it can lead to you needing to accept a compromise.

Now there is often compromise needed in any new home or renovation. Insufficient budget, unsuitable block, lack of space, all these things and more can require some compromises along the way, but do you really want to compromise on the final design that you have been presented with?

To avoid this problem you need to get dion seminara architecture to design your home for you because Dion himself along with being a gifted architect is a registered builder who has actually built a number of homes. He understands the building side of this process intimately which is a big advantage to you in actually getting your home constructed.

4: It’s all about YOU

cashmere pool pavilion renovation relaxation space

Your design should give you the outcome that suits your lifestyle.

When it’s all said and done your project is all about one thing – YOU; or more specifically – your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle could loosely be described as the things that you enjoy doing, your hobbies and your interests. The success of your overall project will come down to how well the design of your home caters for those things that you enjoy most.

At Dion Seminara Architecture we call this – Design Enhancing Life – because we believe that the design of any new home or renovation should enhance your lifestyle, not inhibit it.

Understanding that you can now see that it is crucial that whoever designs your home gains a really clear understanding of your lifestyle – your needs and wants – and that they have the skill to create a design that suits that lifestyle.

An architect that is skilled at lifestyle design will ask a series of questions designed to give them a better idea of your lifestyle needs. My own personal Lifestyle Consultation does this better than any other allowing me to dig deep and discover your true lifestyle needs.

So when getting your home designed keep in mind the 4 points we’ve just covered. Be clear what your goals are, understand there is more than one way to achieve your goals, have your design created by an architect that understands the building process and make sure the design enhances your lifestyle.

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