1950’s Style Home Renovations: From ugly ducklings to beautiful swans

1950’s Style Home Renovations: From ugly ducklings to beautiful swans

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There’s no point sugar-coating it, many 50’s style homes are just downright ugly. But that’s not to say they are devoid of potential. Just as the cygnet in the Ugly Duckling story grew into a beautiful swan (sorry if I spoilt it for you), your 50’s style home can be transformed into a modern-day masterpiece.

We’ve done plenty of these renovations. Each one different as they should be. After all, no two projects are ever exactly the same. We create true bespoke designs for all of our projects. The one common trait among these renovations, is that each resulted in a stunning outcome.

Your home can be a thing of beauty as well. It can be visually stunning, work perfectly with your lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of improved energy efficiency.

How might you ask?

Well, as I mentioned, it’s different for every project. But the key is you need a highly skilled architect with a wealth of design experience and talent. That would be me in case you were wondering.

1950’s Kenmore Renovation

If you own a 1950’s style home, then the chances are the structure has a lot of untapped potential. Often, 1950’s homes have ‘good bones’. Rooms tend to be well proportioned, and many have a reasonable flow, which can be further enhanced during the renovation. The exterior of these homes tends to be bland. Many are simply square boxes. But a contemporary exterior makeover can truly transform these homes, turn bland into breathtaking.

If the internal flow does require an overhaul, then reorientation of the interior rooms might be an option. If more space is required, then building a second storey is another consideration, one that opens up all sorts of potential design options.

As with any design though, it’s all about catering for your lifestyle needs. At dion seminara architecture, we are the leaders in lifestyle design.

Get great design advice at the Reno + Design Show

We will be attending the Reno + Design Show at the Brisbane Showgrounds on the 13th and 14th of March. So, if you’re looking to renovate your 1950’s style home, or any other style of home for that matter, call in and see us on our stand and let us give you the very best advice.

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