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Bespoke New Homes and Custom Renovation Projects – Working With Offshore and International Clients

dion seminara architecture works with homeowners from Australia and abroad that desire to build their bespoke new home or custom renovation project in Australia, or abroad. We know the challenges international clients can face when considering building abroad: poor design, issues with the quality of construction, dishonest contractors, overbudget projects, the list can be endless. That’s why dion seminara architecture takes additional care with international projects, to ensure that the entire project flows smoothly and is delivered on time, on budget, and to the specified standard.

We design climate specific, environmentally friendly homes, with visual and virtual building tools as well as web-based communication to ensure the project is without hassle. Our clients can continue living their daily lives without adding the stress of designing, building and project managing their dream home abroad. To ensure a smooth project with minimal stress we have a specific system designed for international clients, which you can view below.

Architects For International Projects & Clients
Technology enhancements

Virtual Fly-Through Of Our Bespoke New Home Architecture

The perfect way to fully visualise the end product of your bespoke new home or custom renovation, virtual reality can help you to understand the design, and be able to make feedback easily and effectively. We provide 3D visuals where you will be able to completely understand every detail and imagine yourself inside the home, before it’s even gone to tender.

The project in the video was designed in 2009.

6 Step

Our Architectural Process

Architects For International Projects & Clients

Our 6 Step Design Process is a flexible process that can be adapted to your needs. You can read more about this process in detail here: https://dsarchitecture.com.au/design-process/.

Dion Seminara designed the system for international clients to ensure project excellence and efficiency combined with technology and communication to ensure the best customer experience. We will ensure that your project is designed and built above your expectations, with our high attention to detail and extensive experience in architecture, interior design and landscape design.