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I love architecture. I love how it gives me the ability to create an outcome that transforms people’s lives.

Whether it’s renovating client’s homes and outdoor areas or producing original works with new home projects, complete with external works, the ability to create spaces that are diverse and exciting is what motivates me. Being an architect enables me to share my knowledge and experience. I get to work together with my clients to overcome the problems they have with their existing home or to create a new home on a block of land which is a blank canvas, ready to be moulded into a something that my clients are going to call home.

I get to bring people’s dreams to life. There are not a lot of professions that can claim that.

If I were a client looking for an architect, I’d choose me. Not because of my broad sense of humour, although that is an added benefit, but more because of how invested I become in getting my clients the outcome they are after. Nailing a great home design gives me an incredible buzz. I realised a long time ago that I was never going to be a famous actor or sports person. I was never going to hear the roar of the crowd as I stood on a podium. But I can still get that wonderful sense of achievement by doing the thing that I am really gifted at – designing homes.

The awards that I have won are great, it’s wonderful to be recognised by your peers and the industry itself. But the real buzz is having clients contact me years after their home has been completed to tell me how much they still love it and how grateful they are that they chose to trust me with the design of their home. I think part of my success is because I do things a little differently to most. To start with, my architecture firm is independent of any builders. We have no conflict of interest; we are there to serve our clients and nobody else. Did you know I was a builder once? Having been a builder definitely helps. It helps me when I’m talking to builders and tradespeople and that past experience definitely improves my designs.

My consultations seem to go longer than other architects. My design documentation tends to be a lot more detailed. I’ve never been tempted to cut any corners on either.

Great design outcomes take time and I love what I do, so why would I do anything by halves?

Design Services with Visualisation

Our Expertise

3D Renders

Looking for a real understanding of your home?

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Walkthrough & Virtual Reality

Do you want to really experience living in home?

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Physical Models

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Our specialities

We Cover a Lot of Ground

Brisbane is fortunate to be home to so many different types of building structures and personal needs. It’s part of the reason why so many architects are attracted to the profession.

It’s not surprising to learn that some firms tend to specialise and focus on one area such as new homes, restorations, or industrial buildings.

As we’ve broadened our team and taken on a variety of building projects, we’ve continued to specialise in our set of capabilities to not just deliver, but also win awards in multiple disciplines.

If lifestyle and comfortable living are things you care about in your project, we will take care of your architectural needs in:

  • Residential
    • Home Renovations
    • Custom New Homes
    • Luxury Residences
    • Multi-Residential
    • Resort & Leisure Accommodations
  • Commercial Interior Fitouts
    • Commercial fitouts and office spaces
    • Place of Worship
    • Resorts and resort landscapes

We invite you to get inspired by the imagery and history of our work, and learn exactly why people like you approach us to deliver on these architectural specialties.

Location. Location. Location.

We love Brisbane

Travel around this magnificent country of ours, and you might notice that the architecture differs from one place to the next. Often this difference is subtle, with one region offering a slight change in architectural flavour to the next. But at other times the difference is quite noticeable. Brisbane is one prime example where the architecture stands out against other capital cities of Australia.

Brisbane’s unique location relevant to the equator creates a need to understand sub-tropical design in order to create buildings and gardens that suit local climatic conditions. Of course, it’s not just theory, practical experience and design talent are also vitally important to a design’s outcome. We’re proud to take in a variety of needs from lifestyle to environmental and still deliver a sound structure is amazing to look at and live in.

What we’re like to work with

You’ll Love Working With Us

Driven to perfection, as a boutique firm we are passionate about delivering breathtaking designs for our clients. But while we believe the following points set us apart, it’s your opinion that matters. And the only way to understand the benefits that we can bring to your project is to talk to us about your needs and let us show you how we can help.

Design expertise

Our gifted team of designers can make your dreams a reality, making the seemingly impossible, possible. With over thirty years design experience, Dion’s keen eye for detail is evident across all our projects.

Focus on lifestyle

Your renovation or new home should be designed to suit the way you live. As one of Brisbane’s leading lifestyle architecture firms, we create tailored design solutions that enhance the way our clients live.

A wealth of experience

With three decades of experience in home design, building and construction, our unique blend of experience enables us to create designs that enhance your life and offer excellent value for money.

Direct and honest advice

Our wealth of experience in the Brisbane and South East Queensland property markets, combined with our architectural and building background puts us in the unique position to offer quality advice to give you the best outcome.

Eco-friendly design

Whether your goal is reducing your environmental impact or cutting the running costs of your home, our passion for sustainable design can help you achieve the sustainability outcome that you desire.

Award-winning designs

While we always focus on our clients’ needs and goals, a significant number of awards have still come our way over the years.

Building strong relationships

Homes and renovations are not the only things we produce. Thanks to the relationships we have formed with our clients, the bulk of our work is through referrals.

Personal service

Regardless of which architect is looking after your project, you will enjoy personal service from Dion himself as he makes a point of getting to know every client individually.

Quality assured

dion seminara architecture is a Quality Assured architecture firm. We conform to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000.

Talented team

When you engage dion seminara architecture you benefit from the expert skill set of a professional team that includes architects, interior and landscape designers and perspective artists.

What makes us ‘boutique’?

‘Boutique’ is More Than Just a Word

There are plenty of architecture companies and design firms to choose from. Our point of difference is that we are an award-winning, highly regarded firm providing unique and innovative designs. But all that aside, when your Principal Architect is a licenced builder, our entire approach remains practical. We speak the same language as builders while remaining 100% independent of them so that your needs are covered at every possible step.

Our relationship with you is the key to project success, and we ensure consultation and input is gathered at each step. This way, we can safely translate your lifestyle needs and goals into designs without making any assumptions on your part.

Situated in Morningside, Brisbane, our boutique practice offers holistic design across buildings, interiors and landscapes.

We invite you to explore this website to learn about our process and how we deliver outstanding results. We invite you to read our testimonials written by our clients, and peruse some of the many architectural designs we have created from new homes to renovation designs and multi-residential projects.

Our goal is a simple one – to create the very best lifestyle designs for our clients. We are one of Brisbane’s leading boutique firms, generating stunning renovation designs for your existing space. If you are in the market for a truly unique, upmarket new home or ambitious commercial project, our designs stand the test of time.

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