Your Lifestyle – The Number One Consideration in Any Project

Your Lifestyle – The Number One Consideration in Any Project

Recently a prospective client came in for an initial consultation. They were looking for a Brisbane architect and wanted to compare us to a number of other architects that they had shortlisted.

We spoke for about 90 minutes and then they left, only to return 6 weeks later to engage us to design their new home.

So why did they choose us? Well according to them, whilst every other architect was focused on their budget and how much their project was going to cost them, we were the only ones that asked them about their lifestyle.

You see, of all the things that must be considered in any new home or renovation design, none is more important than lifestyle – the way that you and the other occupants of the home like to live your life.

And when it comes to lifestyle no other architects, designers, drafts people or builders focus on lifestyle in the way that we do.

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The bulk of our verbal consultations are spent focusing on your lifestyle and what is important to you in terms of liveability. We focus on both the large and small scope of your needs to ensure that your home perfectly suits the way that you want to live your life.

Our designs reflect this understanding. It can be seen in every tiny detail as your new plans take shape. This is then carried through in the architectural documentation that we produce for you right through to the building tender process and contract negotiation. We go to great lengths to produce the most detailed construction drawings and specifications to ensure that everything that you desire in your new home comes to fruition in the completed project. Our entire 6 Step Process is designed to create the perfect home for our client’s lifestyle needs.

This attention to detail and lifestyle focus isn’t dependent on the size of your budget or the scope of your project. We carry this work ethic through every project we do because we truly understand the difference it makes to the final result. The difference between a dion seminara architecture designed home and any other home can be noticed by how comfortable your new home or renovation feels. A home designed by dion seminara architecture doesn’t just look great, it ‘feels’ great as well.

Budgets, sustainability, running costs, visual appearance, capitalisation all of these things are important and we consider each of these in great detail. But when it’s all said and done and you are living in your new or renovated home, the only thing that really matters is liveability and how comfortable and inviting it feels to you.

So if you want a home that is truly designed to suit your needs, contact us today and let us show you why we are considered to be Brisbane’s leading lifestyle architects.


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