Custom Home Designs

Custom home designs from dion seminara architecture come in the form of a bespoke architectural plan
for your home and tailored services for your needs. Unique and individual, our designs and services are unlike other firms in the industry.

Bespoke design centres on the unique – something creatively envisioned for your circumstance, style and the environment. Our custom home designs consider

  • Functionality and Liveability – designed to suit the way you live
  • Adaptability and Value – created with intuition and style
  • Sustainability and Eco-design principles – innovative aptitude benefiting you and the environment.

Created for You – Custom Home Designs

A custom home design explores your wish list of non-negotiable, must-have inclusions. Collaborating with dion seminara architecture allows you to access our creativity and flair for bespoke design – developing a clear vision of the home which will ultimately reflect your values, lifestyle and family situation. Your custom home will respond to the changing needs of your family and lifestyle throughout your time in the home.

Functional and Liveableinterior01_kitchenview

Our homes are designed to meet your lifestyle, desires, expectations and the site on which you will build. It will be a home that will feel bright and airy, intimate and embracing, yet offer a spacious, uncluttered feel.

Of paramount importance, our designs reflect your family’s needs – those of each individual, together with the needs of the collective family.

The location of your custom home provides unique opportunities from a design viewpoint. Site-specific advantages such as slope, solar orientation and weather will be utilised to benefit your lifestyle and could potentially save you in relation to energy costs throughout the life of the home.

Adaptable Design and Value

Architecturally designed custom homes by dion seminara architecture also take into account your future needs.

Deliberation and discernment through our custom design process provide you with a home which will stand the test of time and can mould to the lifestyle changes your family will experience as you live in the home. Our designs can cater for your family when there are new additions, as children become teenagers or as family members leave home.

An initial design can be created with future expansion potential incorporated. This will not only save you money when you renovate and extend further down the track, but it will also blend seamlessly into your current home and all of its built-in lifestyle advantages.

There are additional benefits relating to the value of a custom designed home:

  • An architecturally designed home typically sells for considerably more than the mass-produced, off the shelf models. If the eventual resale value is important to you – a custom home design is a smart choice.
  • Custom designed homes are built to a higher standard. Your home will typically last longer, resulting in less expensive ongoing repair work.
  • Having the plans designed by an independent architect allows you to get competitive quotes from a number of different builders and choose the one that best suits your budget and needs. This can result in significant savings on the cost of your project.

Sustainability and Eco- Design Principles

Customised to your block and the prevailing climatic conditions, energy savings throughout the life of the home will be added benefits of the design.

A home designed by a qualified, experienced architect will almost always have lower running costs due to the superior in-built eco-characteristics of the design. Creating a more durable, functional, energy efficient and comfortable home can be achieved by incorporating features like:

  • breezeways for natural convection
  • open planned design for flow-through ventilation
  • wide eaves for solar protection
  • using natural materials and allowing for adequate wall and ceiling insulation
  • allowing natural light to brighten the home and
  • drought tolerant landscaping.

Your custom designed home can also be staged to suit your budget requirements and long-term goals. Sustainability in design allows the home to grow and adapt to changing situations.

Custom Service

Our architectural designs are available through a suite of professional services delivered with professionalism and integrity. Customer service is an intrinsic component of our business. Working in partnership towards a common goal, the dion seminara architecture team are proud of their ability to collaborate creatively with clients from all walks of life.

Our design process ensures the development of your bespoke property from initial concept through to unlocking the front door with the key to your new home. We offer a unique suite of services tailored to your specific needs spanning:

  • Detailed architectural drawing
  • Assistance through the planning approval process
  • Co-ordination of external consultants
  • Managing the tendering process
  • Project management of your new home build.

Every project will be different, and our services can adapt to what you truly require and what your budget will allow.

Budgeting for a Custom Home Build

Commencing a project with realistic expectations will ensure the result of your unique project meets the outcomes you desire.

When considering the build of a custom new home, one of your initial thoughts will be to the budget allocation. If you are serious about a custom designed, architectural home which suits your lifestyle, has the flexibility to change with you and whose style will stand the test of time then you will need to commence with a building budget of no less than $600k.

Award-winning architectural designs come about through collaboration and an understanding of our client’s. Understanding you takes time, reflection, contemplation and above all experience. We define lifestyle through an architecturally conceptualised piece of built environment.

Our creative and experienced team at dion seminara architecture pride ourselves on providing honest, reliable and professional services and advice for you throughout your project. With dion seminara architecture you will not need to compromise.

Take the time to consider our services and how we might be the choice for your custom home design. The words of wisdom provided by our previous client’s will help you understand how we have remained passionate and engaged across more than 30 years in the industry.

To realise your dream of a custom designed new home in Brisbane, call dion seminara architecture today and commence your journey. Not sure where to begin?  Take the first step, try one of our pre-design services.



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