Design Enhancing Life in Just 6 Steps

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Best Design + Best Execution = The Ideal Home

Creating the ideal new home or renovation is the result of a great design executed beautifully. There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see a striking design being poorly built, which is why we offer a full range of Architectural Design and Implementation Services for you to choose from.

Our flexible service packages allow you to choose the level of assistance that you need; everything from creating a breathtaking Sketch Design for your project, right through to overseeing the entire building process and every step in between. No matter what your needs, we offer the ideal service to get you a great result.

How to Begin – Architectural Service Delivery

Make contact with us by either phoning 3899 9450 or complete our enquiry form and we will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours. From our first conversation, we will help to identify what your needs are and which of our comprehensive services will be the right fit for your situation.

The next step in the process is to undertake one of our architectural discovery pre-design services.  These are verbal consultations that are designed to give us a greater understanding of what you want to get out of your project.  This step does not include any drawings or plans but is instead a crucial part of the planning process where you get the chance to discuss your project with us in detail.  There are three different consultations available depending on your individual goals.

Design Enhancing Life in just 6 steps

STEP 1: Architectural Discovery Pre-Design Services

As step 1 is a chance for you to meet us and for us to gain a better understanding of your goals and what it is you want to achieve through a thorough discussion of your project, there are no drawings at this stage, they come in Step 2.

If you are looking to renovate your current home, purchase a new home or build a new custom home, then you will require a Lifestyle Design Advice or a Pre-Purchase Design Advice service. These consultations are up to three hours long and look at your current lifestyle or investment needs and building budgets as well as your future lifestyle needs.  Click here for more information or to make an enquiry.

Dion is not only a gifted architect, he is also a registered builder, giving him the unique ability to design the perfect home to suit your lifestyle. Depending on the consultation you have chosen, Dion may:

  • Look closely at your lifestyle needs
  • Discuss your design ideas
  • Offer expert design solutions that may better suit your budget/needs
  • Assess your budgets and give a rough estimate of cost
  • Give you a ballpark indication of approval process & timelines

Once everyone is in agreement and you are happy for dion seminara architecture to advance your project, you will then be offered a standard agreement to sign so that Dion can proceed with the Sketch Design of your home.

PLEASE NOTE: A small investment is involved in your Architectural Pre-Design Service which covers the expert advice that Dion will be providing you. This investment will be credited against your Sketch Design investment should you proceed to that stage immediately after the Pre-Design Service.

The dion seminara architecture Advantage:

Choosing to have dion seminara architecture design your home is a wise decision. Our wealth of experience is complemented by our exceptional design skills. As a result of our great designs, the value of your project will be significantly enhanced financially and in terms of overall liveability. Our designs may also offer you significant savings on the total cost of your project and will offer you lifelong saving with regard to the running cost of your home.


STEP 2: Architectural Design Services

Throughout the design process, you have the choice to be involved as much or as little as you want.  At the commencement of each stage, we consult with you to align our designs with your needs.  Then at completion, we will ask you to review the design and provide feedback. This communication process continues until your project is complete.

Measured Drawings

If you are renovating, we will first need to get measured drawings of your home completed and will organise a surveyor to supply spot levels and contours.

Sketch Design Service

This is the point where you begin to see your dreams take shape as we combine Building Architecture + Interiors + Landscape to create a lifestyle enhancing design for your home.

From small yards to big yards your external space is just as important as the interior of your home. As part of our Sketch Design process we will consider all spaces within the boundaries of your site. In this service we will detail those elements which make up your space. This could include determination of grassed areas, paved areas, garden areas or a pool zone; an outdoor entertainment zone or a BBQ space.

Things like fencing, screening, garden edging, gatehouses, water-storage units, solar collection units, landscape stairs, water features, driveways and paths are all covered as part of this service. At dion seminara architecture we understand that it all counts when creating a lifestyle home that will work for you.

Our Sketch Design will be based on the design brief that was agreed upon during your discovery pre-design service. As part of this process you will receive a:

  • Written summary of your requirements,
  • Concept floor plan, potentially including external works design (hand drawn),
  • Project report & opinion of cost by our estimator, and an
  • Optional external works design.

Once the Sketch Design has been completed we will then present the design to you for review.

After you have spent some time reviewing our proposal, should you wish to continue the collaboration, we will progress your service into Design Development. We will then complete any concept revisions as needed, before moving onto the next phase – creating your final detailed design.

STEP 3: Design Development (including Concept Revisions)

As the name suggests, this phase is where we make any alterations and/or concept revisions to the initial Sketch Design.  This phase includes the development of more detailed floor plans, section drawings (for sloping sites) and 3D visuals. Your design will now have been fully refined to give you the visual and lifestyle goals that you set out to achieve.

Once completed we will present this for your review.

STEP 4: Approval Applications- Development Application Drawings (if required)

If your project requires town planning approval, development application drawings will now be prepared. We will coordinate and instruct our town planner on your behalf to coordinate the submission to the relevant local authority and assist in the management of the application through to approval.

The next step is to prepare your building application drawings. Your building application drawings are required in order to gain building approval.

STEP 5: Construction  Documentation

Your detailed construction drawings are the drawings that your builders will use during construction and are therefore vital to the success of your project. Not all companies provide the level of detail that is required to ensure accurate quoting and ease of construction.

A lack of detail can lead to costly mistakes which is why we take the time to ensure that your construction drawings contain not only a high degree of detail but also precise specifications.

Your detailed drawings will typically consist of full dimensioned small and large scaled drawings, along with detailed written information that covers materials, relevant details and construction directions. It may also include some provisional sums to outline budget allowances for particular items.

STEP 6: Tender and Contract Administration

We start by sourcing a number of suitably qualified builders to tender on your project (not all builders are suited to all projects) and invite each builder to tender on your project.

Tender Process & Contract Negotiation

We negotiate with each builder to get you the best outcome in terms of price, quality and completion time.  We do not receive any kickbacks or payments from builders.  Our goal is simply to get you the best possible deal, without sacrificing quality.

As part of this phase, we will provide you with a detailed review of each tender and negotiate your building contract on your behalf.

Building Project Management

Whilst you are not obligated to have us manage your building process, there are many advantages in having us oversee the construction on your behalf.

By this stage, we will have had numerous meetings with you and gained a thorough understanding of your project as well as your individual needs. Because we created your design, we are in the perfect position to manage your builder and ensure that everything is built to the correct specifications. If any challenges arise during the building process, we are able to immediately deal with these and find the most economical solution on your behalf. As part of our contract management services observation inspections will be completed throughout the building process for your project to ensure the highest standards are being achieved. We will arrange and conduct site visits to assess completed work and overall progress and will immediately relay any challenges back to you, providing a clear understanding of how to proceed.

We will deal with any issues that arise on your behalf, liaising with the builder and/or sub-contractors to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. We will ensure that all materials used are as specified in the contract. As part of our role, we deal with all the financial affairs of your contract, including assessing payment claims and assessing all variations. We can assess and advise on any proposed time extensions and manage Withholding Retention which is a great security for you. At completion, we will deal with any maintenance issues or faults during the maintenance period.

Building can be a stressful affair, but with our tender and contract administration service, together with our building project management, we handle all of the stressful elements for you, allowing you to simply enjoy the experience.


In our opinion, the Master Builders Standard Residential Contract or HIA residential contract does not adequately cater for Retention, Liquidated Damages or correction of Defects. Furthermore, Payments, as outlined within this agreement, are not in line with what we would recommend. You are not obligated to sign a Master Builders Standard Residential Contract. The exclusive Australian Institute of Architecture Contracts that we use at dion seminara architecture on your behalf protect your interests. This is yet another way in which we add value and give our clients peace of mind.

At dion seminara architecture we are committed to providing you with a complete service that will give you total piece of mind. Make an enquiry to find out how we can help you with your specific project.


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